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July 24, 2003

Hi folks,

Well. This is the problem with predicting when reviews will be posted. In the last update of this page I said the Optoma H76 review would be posted soon "barring unanticipated technical difficulties with the unit." We did receive the unit from Optoma as promised, but unfortunately it was damaged in shipment. I know this is a disappointment to you. It is discouraging for us too, as we are anxious to get a good look at what appears to be a very hot product. But the damage it sustained prevents us from being able to even power it up. So this review will be rescheduled as soon as we can sort this all out with Optoma.

The good news is that the new InFocus Screenplay 5700 is in the lab and working just fine. It features TI's new "Matterhorn" DLP chip with 1024x576 resolution. We expect to post the review on this unit by Tuesday.

Still no news from Epson on the alleged discontinuation of the TW100. We've heard various reports from dealers who think they know what is going on, and some of them may be right. However we won't engage in speculation here. We are still seeking comment from Epson management. So far they have been silent on the issue. Once we get an official statement from Epson on this peculiar episode, we will report it here.

Best regards,

Evan Powell