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August 1, 2003

Hi folks,

The review of the new InFocus Screenplay 5700 has been posted. This is a terrific new offering from InFocus, and worthy of your close scrutiny if you are budgeting up to $5,000 for a projector.

We have no word yet on when we will get a replacement of the Optoma H76 that was damaged in shipment. I will let you know on this page when we have information on this. We still plan to review it as soon as possible...I just don't know when that is at the moment.

Update on the Epson TW100: The TW100 has NOT been discontinued as per the widespread rumors. It is currently in production and will continue in production for the foreseeable future. However, due to changes in distribution that are currently underway, some dealers who were carrying this model are no longer doing so. Nevertheless, the TW100 will continue to be made available to consumers through dealers authorized to sell it, and some of those dealers may be found listing the product on ProjectorCentral.

Based on this latest word from Epson, we are changing the status of the TW100 in our database back to "In Production." We are also placing it back on our current list of Highly Recommended Home Theater Projectors. We have always had high confidence in this product, and continue to do so. We are pleased to see that it will continue to be an option for home theater buyers.

Want a fully-functional large screen surround-sound home theater system, with all audio and video components in place for $3800? One of our visitors, Rick Schneblin, tells us how he converted an unused loft into a dynamic home theater space. For pics and description, click here. Thanks for the submission Rick, and enjoy your new system!

Thanks for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell