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September 11, 2003

Hi folks,

In a word, this year's CEDIA trade show was TERRIFIC. A truck load of new projectors were unveiled, and it has taken all week to write up the show and get the new models added to the database. Since these are newly announced units, many specs are preliminary or missing. So please bear with us (and with the vendors) -- we will post updated specs and pricing on all new models as they materialize. If they aren't there at the moment, it is because they have not been published yet.

For an overview of this year's show, click here. We will be bringing in most of these models for review as soon as production units are released and available. Some of the new products will start shipping next month, but we won't see others till after the first of the year.

Meanwhile, the array of new products just released will produce a bargain hunter's dream scenario. Current models will be offered at prices better than ever to clear inventories and make way for the new stuff. The timing is perfect for finding great deals, and for getting your new home theater set up for the holidays and the football season.

Happy shopping, and thanks for using ProjectorCentral,

Evan Powell