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REVIEW UPDATE: BenQ HT2550 4K Projector

A high value, 4K projector for less than $1,500 that also offers 3D capability.

REVIEW UPDATE: BenQ TK800 4K Projector

4K Home Theater Projector with 3D for $1499

Review: ViewSonic PX706HD

Full HD Gaming & Home Theater, 16 ms lag, Full 3D Capable, great audio for street of $650

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Brightness Uniformity: What It Means...and What It Doesn't

Brightness uniformity is a key measurement for projectors, but the number doesn't always add up.

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brightness uniformity

I own a BenQ HT2050 projector. I noticed that brightness uniformity (one side of the screen was brighter than the other side) on the screen was a bit more off when the projector is inverted and high up near the ceiling, than when sitting right side ... more