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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Hi folks,

The JVC SX21 review has been posted. We have added this great new product to our Highly Recommended list below.

Also, in case you didn't notice, our first feature of a reader's home theater was just posted yesterday on the home page. If you have a wife or S.O. that wants your theater to disappear when not in use, check this one out.

We'd like to do more features on your home theater solutions. If you want your set up featured on ProjectorCentral, email us a pic or two of your theater (or living room, multimedia room, or whatever) along with a description of the equipment you've got. Include comments about how you went about setting it up, and problems you overcame. If you wish, you can include an email address that readers could contact you for further questions and advice. Email to info@projectorcentral.com with MY HOME THEATER in the subject line. Based on the response to this invite, we will see what kind of site presentation format makes the most sense and proceed accordingly.

Anchor Bay Technologies (ABT) is a new company formed by the original DVDO folks that brought us the iScan Pro line doubler. DVDO was acquired by Silicon Image in July, 2000. Last month ABT, with the original DVDO founders as the executive management team of the company, reacquired the iScan Video Processor product line and the DVDO brand name from Silicon Image. This is great news for DVDO enthusiasts as far as we are concerned, since Silicon Image was never set up to handle the systems business very effectively.

Best regards,

Evan Powell