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Changing a Projector Lamp or Projector Bulb

How to change the lamp on your projector

replace projector lamp
  • Step 1. Unplug the power cord from your projector and let the lamp cool down.
  • Step 2. Locate the lamp access panel on your projector and remove the screws and access panel.
  • Step 3. Remove any screws holding the lamp housing into the projector.
  • Step 4. Reach in and firmly pull the lamp housing out of the projector.
  • Step 5. Place the new lamp housing into the projector in the same orientation as you removed the old lamp.
  • Step 6. Wiggle the lamp into place and make sure full contact is made inside of the projector.
  • Step 7. Replace the lamp mounting screws to secure the lamp into the projector.
  • Step 8. Replace the lamp access panel and secure the screws.
  • Step 9. Plug in your projector and power it on.
  • Step 10. Reset the lamp counter. Some lamps will reset the lamp counter automatically when a new lamp is placed in. If your projector needs the lamp counter manually reset, look through the projector menus for an option to reset the 'Lamp Counter' back to 0 hours.

Video instructions for changing a projector lamp

Refer to this video for visual steps on replacing a projector lamp.