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HP vp6120 Projector HP vp6120
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
2000 Lumens
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HP vp6120 -
Versatility at Value Pricing

Elizabeth Jefferys, August 11, 2003


Backed by 2000 lumens of brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and XGA (1024x768) resolution, you can expect lively colors and crisp, clear data and video rendering. Can you get by with fewer lumens? Select economy mode and in addition to quieter operation, your lamp life is capable of reaching 3000 hours. In standard mode users will average 2000 hours of operation.

Throw distances are from 4.9 to 26.2 feet allowing an image diagonal up to 240 inches. At a typical viewing distance of 10 feet, the diagonal size ranges from 74.7 inches to 91.4 inches diagonal. The vp6120 has options for ceiling and tripod mounting. If you choose to mount the projector, consult the manual to determine the optimal placement distance from the screen. Use the diagonal screen measure as a guide.

When you have both data and video connected to the vp6120, you can use the PIP (picture-in-picture) feature to monitor the video source on-screen while you are displaying data. A video out connection let's you access an external monitor for those times when you need to conduct your presentation outside the viewing area of the screen.


The vp6120 includes a VGA cable, an RCA cable, and a PC audio cable. Optional cables include an HDTV component cable (RGB) and an S-video cable. The vp6120 is capable of handling composite video, S-video (although the cable is optional), component video and DTV standards as follows: SDTV (480i), EDTV (480p) and HDTV (720p and 1080i).


2-year repair warranty on the projector, 90-day lamp warranty

Test Setup:

We tested the vp6120 in both suggested modes: first, as a business projector then watching DVD movies. For business use, we connected to a Dell laptop using the included VGA cable. Then we connected the vp6120 directly to a Panasonic DVD-S31 DVD player and tested it with both the included RCA cable and a generic S-video cable.

As a presentation projector, the vp6120's XGA resolution means you can project more data-intensive material and still get great image quality. The 2000 lumen brightness provides the flexibility to use the vp6120 in larger rooms or when ambient light is not easily controlled. The vp6120 has automatic signal detection and image synchronization. Although not well suited to video, the 2-watt speaker enables you to bring a nominal level of audio to your presentations.

As a projector for DVD movie viewing, the vp6120 is an admirable performer in the sub-$2,000 price category. Out of the box, the vp6120 needs very little tweaking. The benefits of a 1000:1 contrast ratio come through in video. You'll experience good depth and life-like rendering of color. The technophiles in the crowd may be interested to know that the DLP engine in the vp6120 has a 4-segment color wheel (RGB and white) that runs at 2x speed. The white segment gives a boost to the contrast rating.


Although the plug-and-play settings left little need for adjustment, here's a look at the menu options that are available.

Quick tab - allows you to switch input sources, adjust for a keystone effect, change picture mode from data to video, auto-sync your data, and change aspect ratio from full to wide screen

Adjust tab - allows you to adjust brightness, contrast and color temp as well as source-specific changes including saturation, tint, and sharpness for video sources; frequency, tracking, and v-position settings for data or other PC sources

Audio tab - allows you to set the mute option and adjust volume, treble and bass

Setup tab - allows you to select from 11 languages for the on-screen menu, scan for a new input source, select a location for the on-screen display, change the timeout for the on-screen display and under the advanced tab you can define an auto-shutoff time, set the economy mode for the lamp, reset the lamp hours, and reset the unit to it's factory settings

PIP tab - allows you to select a source for the picture-in-picture window; choose a small, medium or large PIP screen size; change the position of the PIP screen, and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of the PIP image


The vp6120 was designed for ease of use with relatively few controls and intuitive menus. To that end, it is well suited for home, education and business as a plug-n-play projector. As of this writing it is the only 2000-lumen XGA projector in the market under $2,000 MSRP and represents a terrific value in its class.

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