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InFocus IN83
1080p DLP Home Theater
Projector Review

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InFocus IN83 Projector InFocus IN83
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5000:1 Contrast Ratio
1600 Lumens
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The IN83 is InFocus's upgrade to the IN82, which we reviewed last November. The primary difference between these two projectors is the addition of a DarkChip4. This enhancement makes the IN83 a great projector.

The IN83 is bright and powerful, with excellent contrast and near-perfect color. Our IN83 test units - we used two through the course of this review - showed better performance all around than our test unit of the IN82. The most impressive part of the IN83 is that it can be easily calibrated to adhere very closely to the 6500K color standard. Sold through custom installers and specialty home theater retail stores, the IN83 is an obvious choice either for rooms with moderate ambient light or darkened theaters. It is ideal for home theater film and video, and it is great for digital photography as well. At $5,999 MSRP, the IN83 is a solid value.

InFocus IN83

InFocus Play Big IN83


Lumen output. The IN83 is rated at 1600 ANSI lumens, and our test sample produced 1203 ANSI lumens in its brightest setting with the manual iris open. With BrilliantColor turned off (our preferred setting), the IN83 is still capable of 1160 lumens. Low lamp mode measured 916 lumens, or a decrease of 21%. Furthermore, closing the iris completely brings lumen output down to 300. All in all, this makes the IN83 flexible enough to fit in just about any room, as it is powerful enough to overcome ambient light but can be dimmed for use in light-controlled theaters.

Great Contrast. In our contrast tent, the IN83 measured 517:1 ANSI contrast, which is comparable to other 1080p DLP projectors. On/off contrast was measured at 5833:1 native, as the IN83 does not have an auto-iris. Leaving the stats and meter aside and experiencing it with our eyes, the IN83 showed excellent black levels and dynamic range.

Also impressive is the accuracy of the IN83's gamma curve, which matches exactly to a standard 2.2 curve. This is some of the best performance we've seen in this price range, and it shows particularly in its superb shadow definition.

Accurate Color. After minimal calibration, the IN83 produced spot-on color, matching the 6500K standard exactly from 20 IRE up to 90 IRE, with slight deviations below and above those points. Video and film appear true to the source material, with well-saturated, accurate color.

These factors combine to make the IN83 an excellent choice for the display of not just film and video, but digital photography as well. High lumen output and deep blacks make for the presentation of beautiful, dynamic photographs which hold up in ambient light. Accurate color ensures that all of your photos are displayed the way you intended, and the IN83's 1920x1080 pixel matrix gives them maximum resolution. For more about using 1080p projectors for photographic display, see Projectors for Photography by Evan Powell.

InFocus IN83 Connection Panel

InFocus IN83 Connection Panel

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