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InFocus IN8606HD Projector InFocus IN8606HD
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10000:1 Contrast Ratio
2500 Lumens
Full HD 3D
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InFocus IN8606HD Projector Review

Bill Livolsi, May 22, 2014

Key Features

Image quality. The IN8606HD produces a great picture. While the projector's brighter modes necessarily sacrifice contrast and color to produce more lumens, they can still be useful in rooms with a lot of ambient light. And Movie and sRGB mode put the IN8606HD neck and neck with other home video projectors in the sub-$1000 price range when it comes to home theater performance.

Placement flexibility. A 1.5:1 zoom lens gives the IN8606HD unusual versatility. The long zoom range makes it easier to mount your projector in a home theater or set up the image size you want during portable use. The IN8606HD does not have lens shift, but a 14% upward throw offset is in the right range for coffee table and ceiling mount use.

Lamp. The IN8606HD uses a 230W OSRAM lamp (part number SP-LAMP-085) that has a life rating of 4,500 hours at full power and 6,000 hours in Eco mode. That lifespan is longer than many of the IN8606HD's competitors; also unlike many competitors, the projector has a six-month lamp warranty instead of the typical 90 days. Replacement lamps are inexpensive by projector standards, at $229 retail. You may find them for less if you do some shopping here. Authentic replacement lamps made and marketed by Infocus and sold through their authorized resellers have a one-year warranty according to InFocus' website, which is a great deal longer than most lamp warranties. Lamp changes are performed through the IN8606HD's top panel, so it's easy to swap the lamp even if your projector is ceiling mounted.

VESA port. Many inexpensive 3D projectors are locked into one particular glasses technology. But the IN8606HD's VESA 3D sync port allows you to connect an external emitter and use infrared or radio-frequency 3D glasses instead of the default DLP Link.

ISFccc. Short for Certified Calibration Control, ISFccc adds two hidden image modes (ISF Day and ISF Night) to the IN8606HD that become available after your projector is professionally calibrated. It does not add any additional controls or service menu options -- the calibrator has to use the same RGB Gain/Bias and color management system that every user can access. It is simply a way for your projector to store professional calibrations in two locked, non-volatile presets.

Onboard speaker. The IN8606HD includes a 10W mono speaker that's useful as a last resort if you have no other sound output options available. A 10W speaker will never measure up to a dedicated home theater sound system, but it's useful if you want to bring the projector over to a friend's house and don't want to lug your entire system along with you. At maximum volume we did notice some tinny distortion, but turning it down a few notches produced much cleaner sound while still being quite loud.

12V Trigger. Often found in higher-end projectors, a 12-volt trigger links the IN8606HD to a motorized screen or any number of other accessories. This is especially helpful if you want to install the projector in your living room without sacrificing an entire wall for a fixed-frame screen.

Dynamic Dimming. Instead of an auto iris, the IN8606HD has Dynamic Dimming. Dynamic Dimming (DD) reduces lamp power when darker scenes are being shown and then boosts it when brighter content is displayed. DD is automatically enabled when Eco mode is selected.

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Comments (3) Post a Comment
Chris Cushing Posted May 23, 2014 8:38 AM PST
To quote an InFocus engineer on the AVS forum who helped design this projector:

"Indeed IN8606HD colorwheel speed is 2X but when I made that statement I said it applied to a 1080p60 input. It also applies to 1080i30. However at the slower blu-ray movie 24 fps rate colorwheel speed is 4X with 2D material and 6X for 3D. And that brings up another point. You must use 3D glasses compatible with 144HZ left eye right eye switching. I agree if your main interest is gaming and your game box or PC is set for 60fps and you are sensitive to RBE 2X might be problematic for you."


It would be great if you could somehow verify his claims and add the results to this review.
Leandro Posted May 23, 2014 1:23 PM PST
Thanks for the review. One month I have been looking at this projector and yesterday I started to compare to the W1070 ago. Today I decided to buy the Benq.
Sergio Valente Posted Feb 26, 2015 4:41 AM PST
I am looking for a review of the Vivitek H1185HD. Not found any useful at any specialized sites, unfortunately.

This one, based in the rumor that they uses the same base units, Infocus and Vivitek, can reflect truly how the Vivitek performs?



ps. a link to a good review for Vivitek projector will be very appreciated too. Thanks.

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