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InFocus X2

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InFocus X2 Projector InFocus X2
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
1700 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

The InFocus X2 is an entry level multipurpose projector that can be used for a variety of projection needs. Currently selling for under $1,000, it represents great projection value for the money. Its bright, high contrast image is particularly suited to data presentation, and it is a very attractive solution for computer based video games for the kids. Monitor loop through and an onboard 2.5W speaker make it an attractive low cost option for classroom use. It is also seviceable as an entry level video projector. However it is not designed to deliver high quality video. Therefore budding videophiles on a tight budget will not derive as much satisfaction from the X2 as will those who are using it for multipurpose presentation.

Product Overview

The X2 features a 4:3 format DLP chip in 800x600 resolution, and a four-segment, 2x speed color wheel. ANSI lumen output is rated at 1600 at full power and 1100 in low lamp (and lower fan noise) mode. Contrast is rated at 2000:1.

Lens and throw distance. Manual zoom and focus with a 1.2x zoom range. A 100" diagonal 4:3 image is obtained in the range of about 12.6 to 15 feet.

Lamp. 200W SHP with up to 3000-hour lamp life in low power mode.

Compatibility. DVI, HDTV 1080i, 720p, 480p, and computer resolutions up to XGA (1024x768). NTSC, PAL, SECAM.

Connection panel. Located on the rear of the unit. Inputs include one M1-DA port that takes computer RGB, DVI, HDTV and component 480p; one S-video port; one composite video jack. In addition there is one set of stereo RCA audio inputs.

Warranty. Two years.


Last year InFocus introduced the X1 and the Screenplay 4800. These were for the most part the same projector packaged for two different markets. This year we have the X2 and the Screenplay 4805, updated versions of their predecessors. However this time they are not the same projector at all. They are radically different products--only the casework looks the same, and that only from a distance. The 4805 is clearly designed for the home theater/home entertainment market. The X2 is definitely not.

[As an aside, just a personal observation if I may. The most frequently misspelled word on the Internet is definitely. There is no such word as definately in the English language.]

Meanwhile, back on track....unlike the X1 and 4800 scenario, there is no way to fiddle with the calibration on the X2 and thereby produce a video image that looks as good as the image from the 4805. There are several reasons for this. One of the key differences between the two units is the color wheel and its rotation speed. On the X2 there is a four-segment wheel, with segments of red, green, blue, and clear (or white). On the 4805, there are two sets of red, green, and blue segments, but no clear segment. The X2's clear segment doubles the lumen output over that which can be derived from the 4805. In data mode this gives you a brilliant, sparkling image that is terrific for PowerPoint presentations and computer graphics. But in video mode it reduces contrast, shadow detail, and color saturation compared to that which you get from the 4805. After watching a DVD movie on the 4805, if you put the same movie on the X2 the image will appear brighter but colors will be less saturated at the same time.

Furthermore, both projectors have wheel rotation speeds of 120 cps. However since there are two sets of R, G, and B segments in the 4805's wheel, it refreshes each color twice per rotation of the wheel, whereas the X2 refreshes each color once (hence the designations 4x and 2x speed wheels, respectively). Since the color refresh rate is doubled on the 4805, the tendency for viewers to detect color separation (rainbow) artifacts is significantly reduced. Those who are sensitive to rainbows on DLP products will see them on the X2, and probably won't on the 4805.

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