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Installer's Insight

Terry Paullin, founder of Front Row Cinema in Livermore, CA, has built more than a thousand home theaters over a 30+-year span. He shares projector installation and calibration tips, comments on new projection and display advances, offers up suggestions on what you should be watching now on your rig, and generally goes off on whatever pleases or irks him about the current state of front projection.

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The Last Step

This time, Terry asks a profound question: If a projector lands in your home theater and never gets calibrated, was it ever really there to begin with?

The Big Mistake

Terry Paullin identifies the biggest mistake you can make in a projector installation. Hint: It's about the contrast...

Welcome...and Why Projection?

Custom integrator, home theater builder, and expert calibrator Terry Paullin introduces his new ProjectorCentral column, Installer's Insight.