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Terry Paullin

Terry Paullin, founder of Front Row Cinema in Livermore, CA, has built more than a thousand home theaters over a 30+- year span. He shares projector installation and calibration tips, comments on new projection and display advances, offers up suggestions on what you should be watching now on your rig, and generally goes off on whatever pleases or irks him about the current state of front projection.

  • I Can't Get No Satisfaction...(Oh, No, No,No!)

    Terry Paullin explains why buying advanced electronics products is a joy...until you need a little help.

  • Don't Get Mad...Get Busy!

    Integrator Terry Paullin says it's about time for you to create your dream home theater...

  • Ten, Ten and Ten

    Wanna know which discs to watch on your home theater? Terry Paullin offers his favorite movies, concert videos, and documentaries—ten of each.

  • The Inevitable Changes of Auto Styling, Men's Pant Sizes, and Home Theater

    The only things in life you can truly rely on are death, taxes, and an unrelenting pixel count...

  • Padding the Pipeline

    If you think any old HDMI cable will do for the next generation of high-res, wide-gamut, HDR video...just take a look at what's coming down the pike.

  • The Department of Obfuscation

    Integrator Terry Paullin asks, "How come display manufacturers never say what they really mean?"

  • Avoid the Zoid

    Get your projector mounted properly, and you'll never, ever, have to utter the K word...

  • What Next?

    Congrats, you finally have your dream home theater. Now, how are you going to fill the seats?

  • The Last Step

    This time, Terry asks a profound question: If a projector lands in your home theater and never gets calibrated, was it ever really there to begin with?

  • The Big Mistake

    Terry Paullin identifies the biggest mistake you can make in a projector installation. Hint: It's about the contrast...