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The InFocus LP130 and the 3-pound Miniprojector Market

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InFocus LP130 Projector InFocus LP130
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400:1 Contrast Ratio
1100 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

Just last spring the notion of a 3-pound projector was an unbelievable concept to most people. Then in May, 2000, PLUS announced their breakthrough 800 ANSI lumen 3-pound models, the U3-880 and the U3-1080. Some people laughed and others scratched their heads. Just how good could a projector that small be anyway? As it turned out, very good indeed.

Now InFocus has made its first contribution to the miniprojector category with the release of the LP130, a 3-pound XGA projector rated at 1100 ANSI lumens.

If you are a mobile presenter, the current crop of miniprojectors gives you a world of flexibility, power, and convenience you've never had before. Here is a run-down of the 3-pound products on the market today, and how the new LP130 stacks up relative to the competition.

Overview of the 3-pound projectors

All of the current 3-pound products feature Texas Instrument's DLP technology. They come in two classes of resolution, the economical SVGA (800x600) and the higher resolution XGA (1,024x768). Beyond that, we can sort them into several categories.

1. PLUS U3-880 and U3-1080. PLUS Corporation builds the light engine for most of the 3-pound units. PLUS markets its own products as the U3-880, which is the SVGA version, and the U3-1080, which is the XGA version. Both models are rated at 800 ANSI lumens which is an amazing amount of light from such a small box. They have 130-watt lamps with a 1000-hour lamp life. They do not have zoom lenses, nor do they have HDTV, 480p, or DVI capability. Contrast ratings are 800:1, which is as high as digital projectors get these days.

2. PLUS Private Labels. Sharp, Philips, and Mitsubishi market the PLUS miniprojectors under their own brands. These private labeled products are technically identical to the PLUS units. The differences are to be found in cosmetic changes to the casework, warranty and service policies, support organizations, sales and distribution, and perhaps pricing.

Sharp's equivalent of the U3-880 is the Notevision M10S. Sharp's edition of the U3-1080 is the Notevision M10X.

Philips sells the PLUS units under the Philips brand primarily in Europe. Their SVGA version is known as the UGO S-lite and the XGA version is the UGO X-Lite.

Mitsubishi originally released their private labeled version of the U3-1080 as the Mini Mits X30. However today it is referred to simply as the X30. Mitsubishi does not offer a private label edition of the PLUS SVGA product.

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