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Mitsubishi FD630U 1080p Conference Room Projector

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Mitsubishi FD630U Projector Mitsubishi FD630U
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Street Price: n/a
Weight: 8.3 lbs
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Color Wheel:5 segments
Lens:1.5x manual
Lens Shift:No
Lamp Life:3,000 Hrs
5,000 (eco)
Lamp Cost:$349.00
Warranty:3 year
Connectors:  S-Video, Composite, VGA In (x2), HDMI, Network, Audio Out, RS232
Video Formats:  480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 525i, 525p, 576i, 576p, 625i, 625p, 1125i

Most projectors sold for business these days are high-lumen, low-contrast, low-resolution products. Most projectors sold for home theater are low-lumen, high-contrast, high-resolution products. Mitsubishi's new FD630U is a new breed of projector: a 1080p projector tailored for business use. It has the high lumens and relatively low contrast of a business projector, and is indeed tailored to the presentation market. But it has a native 1920x1080 pixel matrix and high-quality 1.5:1 lens, which are features typically found on home theater projectors. The FD630U combines the best features of both home theater and business projectors in a product that brings 1080p projection in the workplace to an affordable level.


High lumen output. Built for business environments, the FD630U's high lumen output projects a compelling image in less-than-ideal conditions. Our test sample measured 3763 lumens in Presentation mode, the brightest available. This was measured using the high lamp setting and the widest zoom. Presentation mode emphasizes highlights, pushing for a bright picture rather than a high-contrast or color-balanced one. If you need to impart text-based information to a large number of people, Presentation is the mode to use.

Standard mode, the next brightest, measured 2371 lumens. This mode has less extreme highlights, but it compensates with better shadow detail, deeper black levels, and improved color saturation. It is a good halfway point between Presentation and Theater, combining high brightness and solid image quality. For data graphics and Powerpoint presentation, this mode is a good option.

The final mode is Theater, which places all the emphasis on contrast and color. In this mode, the projector's BrilliantColor circuit is disabled, which cuts brightness rather drastically but makes the picture appear more natural and balanced. For the display of film and video, this is the ideal mode. Theater measured 1110 ANSI lumens, which is still very bright in a light-controlled environment.

A couple of other factors can affect light output as well. The first is Low lamp mode, which decreases brightness by 20% but increases the already impressive 3,000 hour lamp life to 5,000 hours. This will be a popular option for those trying to save money on maintenance and lamp costs. The other is the 1.5:1 zoom lens, which causes up to a 21% reduction in maximum light output when using the maximum telephoto setting.

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Bart Black Posted Nov 1, 2010 9:51 AM PST
Your article fails to point out that this projector only support 1920x1080p on the HDMI input. Furtherr, I've tested this projector and find contrary result to those you've stated regarding picutre quality. Focus from left to right is not consistent due to the less than precise lens mounting system employed. Further, this projector does not utilize high definition glass within the lens/optics resulting in a "soft" and fuzzy image.

Bottom line - you get what you pay for in business and, for <$3200 street price, this projector will frustrate most buyers. For a few dollars more, there are plenty of options available in the market for projectors that are truly HD - through and through on all inputs using HD optics.

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