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NEC NP-V302H Review:
1080p DLP Projector for Business and Education

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NEC V302H Projector NEC V302H
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Street Price: n/a
3D: PC 3D Ready
Weight: 6.4 lbs
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Lens:1.2x manual
Lens Shift:No
Lamp Life:3,500 Hrs
6,000 (eco)
Lamp Cost:$179.00
Warranty:3 year
Connectors:  Composite, VGA In, VGA Out, HDMI, HDMI (MHL), Network, Audio Out, Audio In (x2), RS232
Video Formats:  480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 576i, 576p

The new NEC NP-V302H is a rock-solid 1080p projector for conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Sporting a maximum output of 3,000 lumens, the V302H has 8W onboard stereo speakers, excellent connectivity, quiet operation, low cost of ownership, and - most importantly - a balanced, natural image. At $999, the V302H isn't the least expensive 1080p projector available, but it packs in enough features and functionality to more than justify the cost. If your organization needs a presentation projector that can handle anything you throw at it, read on.

The Viewing Experience

What struck us most about the V302H wasn't its brightness (though it is quite bright) nor its extensive features (though it includes quite a few). Instead, what jumped out at us was the natural, balanced appearance to the projector's image. The V302H starts up in Presentation mode, which not only gave us solid light output (1900 lumens) but also excellent color brightness (41%) for what is usually a high-powered mode. What's more, color temperature was about 7000K and stable across the grayscale, giving the image a smooth and even-toned character. None of this is required or expected from a projector built for classroom and presentation use, but it's definitely nice to see.

That same sense of pleasant surprise followed us through the projector's menu system. The V302H gives you control of overscan (a slider allows you to adjust it up and down), two User modes for specialized calibrations, and BrilliantColor (where you can turn it down, or off, if needed). And it's not limited to the menu system. The projector's HDMI1 port features MHL, so you can present from your smartphone. The lens barrel is recessed in the case and the cap is tethered. The projector gives the impression that every detail has been thought through, at length, by someone who has actually used one before and knows what is and isn't important.

The projector's image modes are all tailored to a specific use, and most of them are well-suited for that use without much tweaking. High Bright mode boosts light output through the roof, peaking at 2920 lumens on our test unit. Movie and Video modes maximize color and contrast performance and offer different gamma settings for different types of content. Blackboard mode adjusts the color balance for those times when a real screen isn't available. And sRGB mode reduces light output and aims for maximum color accuracy.

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