NEC has just dropped the retail price of the HT1100 home theater projector to a very low $1,995 from its original release price of $4,795 just fifteen months ago. It was a great value then at that price. However, with this momentous price reduction effective July 1, it is one of the truly extraordinary home theater values on the market as of this writing.

The NEC HT1100 is one of the few native 4:3 format projectors designed exclusively for home theater. It is loaded with home theater features, including extremely high contrast (3500:1), low fan noise, excellent onboard video processing, DVI-HDCP input and a highly desirable 6-segment, 5x rotation speed color wheel.

The HT1100 is designed specifically for those who want to view native 4:3 material in the largest format possible. It is the perfect solution for classic film enthusiasts, as well as those who are into DVD collections of popular TV series such as Northern Exposure, Sex and the City, etc.

The HT1100 can be fitted with an optional anamorphic lens which converts the unit into a high resolution 16:9 projector. For more info on anamorphic lenses, click here.

We've discussed the advantages of the native 4:3 projector format in numerous reviews and commentaries, including A Key Decision: 16:9 or 4:3?. The problem is that the vast majority of native 4:3 projectors are built for commercial presentation—too bright, too much fan noise, not enough contrast, and no DVI (HDCP). If you are one of those (like me) who are into dramatic large screen native 4:3 for classic films, the NEC HT1100 now offers you a terrific and very unique solution for under $2,000. Click here for the original review of the NEC HT1100.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our NEC HT1100 projector page.