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NEC NP43 Projector NEC NP43
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1600:1 Contrast Ratio
2300 Lumens
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NEC NP43 -- Light and Bright
Portable Office Projector

Marc Davidson, August 7, 2012

Strong Points

Excellent data image quality. The NP43 scores well on data image quality. Colors were well saturated in our tests and most were suitably vibrant in all color presets, although yellow was a touch mustard-colored in the two brightest modes and red was a little dark in terms of a hue-saturation-brightness model. However, neither color was off by enough to count as a problem for most purposes. Color balance was excellent, with suitably neutral grays at an assortment of gray levels in all color modes.

More important for most data screens is that both black on white and white on black text was crisp and highly readable at sizes as small as 7 points. Also worth mention is that auto sync not only worked well enough in my tests so I couldn't improve on it with manual adjustments, but the image was all but rock solid. I saw some exceedingly minor pixel jitter, but only in images that tend to cause the problem. Most screens won't show any jitter at all, and for those that do, most people shouldn't find it bothersome.

Highly portable. Although the NP43 is bigger and heavier than any number of lower brightness LED-portable projectors, it's small and light for a projector with a traditional lamp. At 2.8" x 9.7" x 7.2" (HWD) and just 3.7 pounds, it's light enough to carry with you on a regular basis, and it comes with a soft carrying case with enough room for the projector and all the cables you need. One trick the projector misses, however, is a USB A port that would let it read files from a USB memory key, and let you give presentations without having to carry a computer.

Easy to set up. As already mentioned, the NP43 makes setup quick and easy. The combination of auto focus, auto keystone, and auto sync, none of which need manual adjustments, leaves little to do beyond connecting a power cord and cable, turning the projector on, and pointing it at whatever you're using for a screen. Even better, the 1.2x zoom lets you adjust image size without moving the projector.

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