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NEC UM330X Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector

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NEC UM330X Projector NEC UM330X
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3000:1 Contrast Ratio
3300 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

NEC was one of the first companies with an ultra short throw projector, but hasn't had an interactive model until now. The UM330X changes that, with an interactive option that you can either buy separately or as part of the UM330Xi-WK1, which also includes the projector and a wall mount. The price for the full package hasn't been determined at this writing, but NEC says it will be about the same as buying the pieces separately, at $1099 for the projector, $489 for the interactive option, and $119 for the mount.

With or without interactivity, the UM330X is a capable 1024x768 model. Rated at 3300 lumens, it was even brighter in my tests. And it's equally bright whether you're using it interactively or not. Being LCD based also means that it can't show rainbow artifacts and that its color brightness matches its white brightness.

Even better, the UM330X delivers excellent data image quality, watchable video, and reasonably good sound quality with high enough volume to be useful. Since you can add the interactive option at any time, it can be a particularly attractive choice if you don't need interactivity now but think you might need it later.

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