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Elite’s New Cinema235™ Wide-Screen Series, addition is expanding the selection for the EZ-Frame Product Line….Literally.

Press Release  |  Jan 8, 2007

Fixed Frame Projection Screen in theater widescreen format

Elite's new 2.35:1 ratio Cinemascope Widescreen format is the latest edition to our line of fixed-frame screens. Demand for a Home Cinema Widescreen has been answered with this new edition to our product line that already has (4:3) NTSC and (16:9) HDTV fixed-frame variants. The velvet surfaced lightweight aluminum frame is durable and light absobant to ensure that your viewing experience is not hampered by an uneven screen surface or glare from the frame itself. The screen projection surfce is made of three different materials. The White Tension PVC material has a 1.1 gain that provides high quality color reproduction with the latest DLP/LCD Projectors. The High Gain White Material has a 1.8 gain and uses it superior reflectivity to enhance color reproduction with low output DLP/LCD projectors. The Tension Contrast Gray material is ideal for black level enhancement with various LCD projectors. All three material types are black-backed to eliminate light penetration for greater picture clarity. The fundamental element in this screen's design is simplicity. The frame is easy to assemble and the material has adjustable tension. When assembled, the 2" flat strap sliding brackets, make installation flush against the wall even easier than hanging a picture frame.

Fixed Frame Cinema screens can range from $1500 to $3000 but Elite Screens will provide this quality product at a price geared to give the retailer a considerable profit margin while passing on tremendous savings to the consumer with an MSRP starting from $799.

For more information about our various Commercial and Residential home theater product lines, Contact Elite Screens Inc. at 877-511-1211 EXT 231 or email us at

About Elite Screens Inc.
Elite Screens Inc. is a California based company that specializes in making quality affordable office and home-theater projection screens. Our production facilities produce a wide variety of electric, manual roll-up, portable, and fixed frame screens with a broad array of sizes and formats to choose from. Every screen carries a 1-year warranty and our Los Angeles warehouse facilities enable us to keep a large on-hand inventory. This way, orders can be filled the same day they are received for our markets in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America.