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Caribiner International Purchases 60 Sony Projection Units For Hotel And Convention Rentals

Press Release  |  Jun 10, 1999

ORLANDO, (INFOCOMM) -- June 10, 1999 -- Caribiner International, a leading provider of display technology for hotels, corporations, and conventions, has recently purchased 60 Sony VPL-X2000 projectors for use in the rental division of the company.

According to Caribiner, the Sony projectors were chosen because of their ease-of-use, flexibility, and high quality. The VPL-X2000 is a 2,400 ANSI lumen, LCD-based projector designed to provide bright, uniform, high-quality images from a range of sources. The projector's flexibility enables it to be used for both medium and large venues, and it is ideal for screen sizes from 40 inches to 500 inches (viewable area, measured diagonally).

"We rent in a variety of venues, all using the projectors for different applications, including PowerpointÒ presentations, videotapes, and spread sheets, and all on different screen sizes," said Stan Egerson, director of product management for Caribiner International. "The VPL-X2000 can be used in a variety of locations within a corporation or hotel and meet the specifications required for effective video and data presentations."

Egerson noted that the projectors have a high utilization rate, and have proven to be popular among users, due to resolution, flexibility, contrast ratio, brightness, and color saturation. The durability of the projector is important as well, as it is moved among venues frequently.

"This sale is an example of this projector's popularity within the rental market," said Clint Hoffman, senior marketing manager for display systems at Sony Electronics' Business and Professional Company. "Professional AV rental houses also like the projector because of its one of a kind quad lamp design, it is easy to set up and install, and it has a long rental life due to its durable design."

According to Caribiner International, the company provides more than 200,000 presentation technology items, ready to ship from more than 40 locations. Caribiner also consults on major systems installations, including videoconferencing systems, lighting, controls and interfaces, and digital displays. They provide complete audio and video resources – equipment and people – to hundreds of leading hotels and corporations, often functioning as their in-house department. For more information about Caribiner's products and services, visit their web site at

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Editor's Note: More information about Sony products can be found on the World Wide Web at, or readers may call 1-800-686-SONY. Additional press information is available at

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