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Vutec Introduces "Theater Art Systems"

Press Release  |  Aug 30, 2007

New Decorator "Undedicated Theater" Fills The Need For Whole House Versatility (High Gain SilverStar + Motorized Art + Format Masking System)

Pompano Beach, FL (August 30, 2007) – Vutec Corporation, the world leader in video projection screen technology, announced that it will display the new Theater Art System (TAS) at CEDIA Expo 2007 – Colorado Convention Center, Denver Colorado, in booth #442, September 5-9. TAS combines framed high quality art with an automatic vertical masking system and SilverStar™, the high definition-high gain front projection screen. It converts any room into a Home Theater.

This "undedicated home theater" system is perfect for any room in the house," states Howard Sinkoff, President of Vutec Corporation. As the home theater market changes, people are looking for a theater system that can go into any room such as a family room, living room, bedroom or den etc. There is now a much higher need for versatility which this exciting new system offers. Many sizes and an almost unlimited choice of art is available. This product truly meets the changing needs of home theater enthusiasts.

Screen Features

High gain (6.0)
High contrast/definition
Light control is not critical
Vivid color reproduction

TAS features, SilverStar, Vutec's patented HD front projection screen that delivers the ultimate in picture quality featuring maximum detail, vivid color, higher contrast ratio. It is truly the high definition screen. SilverStar's superior performance derives from its innovative, patented technology—a silver base material combined with multiple optical layers to provide a gain of 6.0. This increases color saturation while increasing contrast in either controlled or uncontrolled light.

ArtScreen Features

Large selection of Giclée fine art prints, frames, and liners
Custom art or photographs

TAS transforms a standard video projection screen into a work of art. Inside a beautiful hardwood frame, the artwork ascends or descends with the touch of a remote. When the screen is not in use, the digital art-on-canvas image of your choosing is displayed within the frame; when your artwork is retracted, the video display is visible for viewing.

A vast array of frame styles, liners, and artwork choices for reproduction can be viewed at In addition, custom artwork and personalized photographs can be reproduced to create an individualized or more glamorous work of art to compliment any interior design or décor.

Masking Features

Designed for native 16:9 projectors
Vertical masking panels descend from top

For viewers who desire the flexibility of not having a dedicated home theater, TAS combines a vertical masking system with a fixed height that automatically becomes a 2.35:1 CinemaScope (movies) aspect ratio. TAS features quiet electronics through an intelligent motor control system that has been electronically built into the product by Vutec engineers and achieves an optimum shadowless viewing experience having no space between the masking panels and projection screen surface.

"Home theater owners are now demanding their highly sophisticated projectors be matched by an equally sophisticated video projection screen system that can accommodate the widest variety of viewing options," Sinkoff continued. "Vutec's engineering staff has again met that need with TAS. Once again Vutec's technology is offering this all-inclusive product for the undedicated home theater market. Quite simply, TAS gives everyone the option of creating a home theater in any room."

Vutec also has available accessories including a motorized Projector Table Lift and a Ceiling lift to compliment perfect "undedicated" home theater.

Vutec will be demonstrating its Home Theater Systems at Booth #442 at Cedia Expo 2007, Sept. 5 – 9.

About Vutec Corporation
Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Florida, Vutec Corporation is a world leader in video projection screen technology, designing and manufacturing front and rear projection screens, masking systems and AV presentation tools. Vutec's Vision X and Vutec brands and Audio-Visual presentation products are designed for commercial, home, and institutional applications. The company holds patents on its SilverStar™, Retracta-Vu Pro™, and Vu-Flex Pro-Duplex™ screens. Its SilverStar™ high-gain/high-contrast flat screen, introduced in 2004, was the industry's first truly new screen technology in 25 years. Vutec sells through a global network of authorized dealers and distributors.

For more information, contact Vutec at (800) 770-4700, e-mail at or visit