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3LCD Technology is the Global High-Definition Leader for Home Theater Projection Through Q2'07

Press Release  |  Sep 6, 2007

3LCD Outsells 1-Chip DLP Projectors 2:1 in 1080p Category

DENVER, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- 3LCD, the world's number one projection display technology, is the leader in sales for both 720p and 1080p high-definition (HD) front projectors, according to Pacific Media Associates (PMA).* This announcement times with the CEDIA show in Denver, where 3LCD projector manufacturers will be introducing new and innovative HD products to the home theater market.

720p -- 3LCD leads with 56 percent
720p projectors provide consumers with HD capabilities at an affordable price, creating an immersive experience for 720p HDTV broadcasts. "Highly Rated" 720p 3LCD projectors on include:

-- Sanyo PLV-Z4
-- Sanyo PLV-Z5
-- Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 400
-- Panasonic PT-AE900U
-- Panasonic PT-AX100U
Also rated on is the Sony VPL-AW15.

1080p -- 3LCD leads with 54 percent
1080p projectors deliver an amazing HD experience, giving home theater enthusiasts optimal playback for 1080i HDTV broadcasts, HD DVD, Blu-ray and HD-capable video game consoles. "Highly Rated" 1080p 3LCD projectors on include:

-- Panasonic PT-AE1000U
-- Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080
-- Mitsubishi HC5000BL

In addition, projector manufacturers this week at CEDIA are introducing innovative 1080p front and rear projection products based on 3LCD technology, including:

-- Epson: Epson is set to introduce its PowerLite Pro Cinema 1080 UB featuring native 1080p HD resolution for theater-quality high- definition images in the relaxing environment of any home. The Pro Cinema 1080 UB offers a contrast ratio of up to 50,000:1 and new UltraBlack(TM) technology for brilliant image quality and the richest, deepest blacks. This projector has two HDMI 1.3 inputs and OptiCinema(TM) lens with 2.1x optical zoom for flexible set-up -- projects a 100" widescreen image from only 9.8'.

-- Mitsubishi: Introducing its newest true 1080p resolution home theater projector, Mitsubishi's HC6000 improves upon and replaces its outstanding HC5000 with enhanced HD features for under $4000. The HC6000's auto iris function has quicker black to light imaging and increased contrast ratio to 13,000:1, along with two HDMI connectors and Silicon Optix's Emmy(R) award winning HQV high performance video processor.

-- Panasonic: Panasonic has started to ship a new line of HD 3LCD rear projection display televisions featuring the revolutionary long-life LIFI(TM), a first-of-its kind light fidelity projection display application, developed by LUXIM, that ensures image brightness over an extended period of time as well as greatly reduced start-up time. The Panasonic LIFI High Definition line includes two series -- the LCZ and LCX. The LCZ series, available in three large screen sizes, 61-inches, 56-inches and 50-inches, feature 1080p resolution and an elegant glossy black finish with a new floating panel design.

-- Sanyo: Sanyo at CEDIA will unveil its PLV-Z2000 -- a full 1080p HD resolution projector with enhanced 3D color management system and two HDMI 1.3 inputs. Features include an advanced lens shift system with short throw lens and wide-range zoom capability for maximum installation flexibility. The PLV-Z2000 offers 1,200 lumen output and 15,000:1 contrast, a wide aperture, and low-noise fan for super-quiet operation.

"3LCD projectors have led the combined 720p and 1080p high-definition market for six consecutive quarters," said Michael Abramson, vice president of projector research, Pacific Media Associates. "The U.S. market for high-definition projectors is expanding as more consumers choose to create a big-screen home theater experience, while HD content and HD-capable media players continue to proliferate."

Manufacturers of 3LCD projectors are driving growth in the HD category and will be showcasing at CEDIA the broadest offering of 1080p projectors, market-leading contrast ratios and color performance. In addition to their 3-Chip technology for full-time color, 3LCD projectors offer important features such as advanced lens shift for greater installation flexibility.

3LCD technology is renowned for its 3-chip engine architecture across all products, whereas competitive technologies reserve 3-chip for only their high end products. 3LCD holds over 98 percent of the 3-chip market, the industry standard for incredible color performance, detailed gray scale and solid reliability.

About 3LCD Technology
3LCD is the world's leading projection technology, delivering unbelievable color, amazing detail and road-tested reliability. Using an advanced, 3-chip design, 3LCD offers full-time color for brilliant quality images without the possibility of color break-up. 3LCD is based on LCD technology, which is used by leading manufacturers worldwide for the ultimate viewing experience in a variety of products. For the latest list of companies using 3LCD technology in projectors and large screen TVs visit the 3LCD website at

*Q2 2007 numbers from PMA.

Source: 3LCD Technology