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OPPO’s DV980H up-converting player impresses industry with exceptional video and audio performance

Press Release  |  Nov 13, 2007

DV-980H features 7.1-channel audio,1080p video up-conversion, and DSD over HDMI

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. November 13, 2007 – OPPO Digital (, a renowned leader in up-converting DVD players, has continued to impress audio and video communities with its DV-980H up-converting player — featuring high-resolution, multi-channel audio and 1080p video up-conversion. Priced at just $169, the DV-980H is a powerful addition to OPPO's award-winning collection of up-converting players that enable standard DVDs to look their best on high-definition televisions and ensure audiophiles enjoy a wealth of high-resolution music.

With its ability to play back Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio (DVD-A) over its HDMI 1.2a connection, the DV-980H makes an ideal source device or digital transport for high-resolution multi-channel audio formats. As most HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players do not support SACD or DVD-A formats, the DV-980H brings much needed versatility to the home theatre system and lets enthusiasts get the most from their collection of high-resolution audio discs.

In the design of the DV-980H, OPPO consulted with leading high-fidelity audio partners — resulting in an optimized design that reduces quantization distortion and accurately reproduces the analog waveform for faithful, natural, detailed, and rich sound. The DV-980H is one of the first SACD players to support DSD over HDMI. This capability provides a pure digital path for SACD signal to reach HDMI 1.2a and 1.3 receivers without any signal loss or conversion. With its support for 7.1 channel audio with Dolby Digital Surround EX decoding, the DV-980H brings to life the "Surround Back" channel, offering unparalleled depth, spacious ambiance, and sound localization.

Powered by OPPO's expertise in video processing, the DV-980H delivers gorgeous picture with more depth, detail and smoother motion. To bring the best DVD experience to flat-panel and high-definition TVs, the DV-980H offers multiple high definition output formats, including 1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i.

In a recent review, CNET editors bestowed an "Excellent" rating on the DV-980H and concluded: "If you're not ready to get a high-def player, the OPPO DV-980H delivers excellent performance and an unparalleled feature set for the price."

The DV980H is also compatible with DivX, WMA, Kodak Picture CD, as well as many other formats. The player features a USB 2.0 port with high resolution photo slide show capability to open the home theater to digital cameras, portable audio players, and content downloaded from the Internet.

The OPPO DV-980H is ready to help you uncover the audio and video treasures once hidden in your home theater, and is available directly at and through authorized resellers.

About OPPO Digital, Inc.
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, award-winning OPPO Digital, Inc. manufactures and markets high quality digital electronics that deliver style, innovation, value, and performance to A/V enthusiasts and savvy consumers alike. The company's leading R&D, high-performance products, and strong customer focus distinguish it from traditional consumer-electronics brands.

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