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BenQ Chooses 3LCD Technology for Product Line-Up

Press Release  |  Nov 28, 2007

Leading Projector Manufacturer Delivers 3LCD Color, Detail and Reliability

LONG BEACH, Calif., Nov. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- 3LCD Technology, the world's number one projection display technology, announced today that BenQ, a leading lifestyle device provider, has joined the growing list of manufacturers who utilize 3LCD projection technology to offer their customers the highest quality home theater projector solutions. BenQ ranked third in worldwide projector shipments in 2006, according to DTC, a leading market research company.

"We are excited that BenQ has joined the growing number of manufacturers that are utilizing 3LCD technology for its projectors," said Tim Anderson, senior marketing manager, 3LCD Technology. "BenQ has been a leader in the projection market, and by adding 3LCD to their line up, they are joining a list of companies who are dedicated to delivering the best projection products on the market."

BenQ recently made the decision to expand its offering to include 3LCD Technology in their home theater projector line-up with its W500 720p projector. 3LCD Technology is the leader in sales for both 720p and 1080p high-definition (HD) home theater projectors, according to Pacific Media Associates (PMA).

The BenQ W500 offers 5000:1 contrast ratio, and features an iris-like lens design that mimics the human eye by automatically adjusting the aperture after analyzing the incoming video signal. 3LCD Technology utilizes a 3-chip design for all projectors to deliver brilliant, full-time color.

The BenQ W500 is now available in select countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the U.S.

Key Features of W500:

Superb HD Performance
The W500 not only converts SD content such as analog TV broadcasts to HD-quality video, but it analyzes an amazing 1,024 pixels in the source for each pixel in the final HD version for native HD-like picture quality.

Precise Color Reproduction
The W500 achieves greater color accuracy by handling each color signal in the video input individually, applying its brightness value directly in rendering the video. In contrast, regular projectors use a sampling process, which inevitably results in a loss of information about specific color signals and color distortion in the final projection image.

Easy Installation and Ease of Use
With the equipped joystick the W500 effortlessly positions the video by shifting the lens with the joystick controller. Furthermore, the W500 comes equipped with powerful preset modes, including Cinema Mode for feature films, and High Brightness Mode for brightly lit environments.

Core benefits of 3LCD Technology:

3-chip design for richer, more vibrant color
3LCD solutions consistently show leading-edge bright color. This is a result of the advanced 3-chip design, which delivers continuous, full-time color for the most amazing video and more powerful presentations. For applications where image quality is important, from movie theaters to classrooms, 3-chip designs have been used more than any other form of projector technology.

Astounding, unsurpassed brightness
The 3LCD system has high optical efficiency, due to the lack of moving parts in the light engine. Higher efficiency leads to brighter video and images for a greater impact.

Incredible detail
3LCD technology can deliver unsurpassed detail due to its ability to transmit continuous, variably controlled levels of light at the pixel level. The result is finer detail in text, images and video.

Road-tested reliability
3LCD has an 18-year record of road-tested reliability. The optical system runs at relatively low operating temperatures and utilizes a solid state design that has no moving wheels, hinges or mirrors.

For more information about BenQ W500, please visit

About 3LCD Technology
3LCD is the world's leading projection technology, delivering unbelievable color, amazing detail and road-tested reliability. Using an advanced, 3-chip design, 3LCD offers full-time color for brilliant quality images without the possibility of color break-up. 3LCD is based on LCD technology, which is used by leading manufacturers worldwide for the ultimate viewing experience in a variety of products. For the latest list of companies supporting 3LCD technology in projectors and large screen TVs visit the 3LCD website at

Source: 3LCD Technology