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Press Release  |  Mar 3, 2008

Revolutionary Retractable Screen Features New Control System

COSTA MESA, Calif. — March 3, 2008— dnp denmark, the world's leading supplier of optical projection screen technology and developer of the first-ever screen that allows viewing in brightly lit environments, announced the release of the latest version of its acclaimed Supernova ™ Flex Screen—a retractable, motorized screen that blends seamlessly into any environment and disappears into a stylish wall mounted enclosure when not in use.

At the touch of a button, the Supernova Flex rolls up into its elegant housing, out of the way but readily available for its next use. New features include a three-level speed control that substantially reduces noise levels and a programmable universal IR remote control that will operate all commonly used A/V devices, and makes it easy to install, program, calibrate and control the screen right out of the box.

"The latest version of the Supernova Flex screen comes outfitted with new features that only enhance the original," said Manfred Freiberger, senior account manager for dnp USA. "The unique design of the retractable Supernova Flex coupled with its new improvements such as a programmable universal remote control makes this the best motorized projection screen in the world."

The Supernova Flex Screen is designed for projection in brightly lit environments. And since the entire screen is retractable, it combines the outstanding Supernova image quality with a discreet and stylish presence perfect for installation in any setting, including multi-use rooms. Supernova technology incorporates a proprietary high-contrast filter system that allows the projected image to be reflected with utmost contrast, detail and color accuracy while at the same time effectively absorbing incident light from other sources such as windows and room lighting. As a result, the screen is virtually unaffected by ambient light and as such is uniquely suited as a solution in environments such as living rooms, boardrooms and retail applications.

Supernova screens, with contrast ratios exceeding 15:1 (conventional front screens range from 2:1-3:1), are the first "Eye-gonomic" screens available—a term dnp coined to communicate the science of designing presentation equipment to fit the way the human eye works rather than forcing the viewer to try to accommodate the presentation. Low contrast ratios can result in eyestrain and headaches which make it difficult to concentrate on the image. The Supernova screen, in addition to delivering more vivid colors and more detailed images, is much less stressful to the human eye resulting in a more comfortable, pleasurable viewing experience—and a far more attentive audience.

At the push of a button the Supernova Flex Screen will drop down or retract into its elegant housing. The cover of the wall mounted enclosure is removable and replaceable, and offered in a variety of elegant color options including black, white, silver-grey aluminum, blond maple and cherry wood. The cover is also available in a special stainable surface that can be painted to match any décor.

The Supernova Flex Screen material is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation™ (ISF) for its outstanding image quality. With a half gain of 85 degrees, the widest in the industry, this screen allows for a full 180 degrees of viewing. The Supernova Flex Screen combines neutral color reproduction and uniform image quality with extremely high contrast ratios and superior black levels.

Compatible with all standard projectors, the Supernova Flex Screen is available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats in sizes up to 100". Prices range from $6,610 for a 72" screen up to $7,740 for a 100" screen. Enclosures priced separately. Supernova Flex

About dnp denmark
dnp denmark is the screen production center for Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd., one of the world's largest printing and media companies. dnp laboratories benefit from more investment in research and development than any other screen supplier, having pioneered every major development in optical projection technology for over a decade.

dnp USA is the North American branch of the company, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. All of the Supernova Screen products are stocked and produced locally. As a market leader, dnp provides its dealers with the best technical support and with some of the most innovative sales and marketing tools within the screen industry.

For additional information about the award-winning dnp Supernova Epic Screens, please visit