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Press Release  |  Apr 22, 2008
ATLANTA, GA, (April 22, 2008: Earth Day) – Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced that the company’s initiative to lead the projection display industry in efficient product design is delivering measurable results. As a factor of DP’s CoolTek™ Engineering platform introduced last year, the company’s current 3-chip DLP® TITAN and LIGHTNING projectors deliver the highest efficiency, lowest cost of ownership and smallest physical and environmental footprint of any comparable display products. A full summary of DP’s product efficiency initiative, including in-depth statistics comparing a variety of industry products, is available at

DP’s CoolTek™ Engineering system is centered on maximizing lumen output, as well as lamp and component life while efficiently reducing heat dissipation and power consumption to the minimum levels possible. The company’s LIGHTNING 45HD-3D Pro Series II display utilizes a 3.6 Kilowatt (kW) lamp to produce 30,000 lumens. Non DP products in the same lumen class consume as much as two times the power to deliver comparable lumen performance. Given power consumption and carbon production are intrinsically linked, comparable products that consume far more power leave a much bigger carbon footprint in their wake. Dermot Quinn, DP’s Director of Product Development commented, “Each DP projector must pass efficiency benchmarks in the concept and development phases. In the case of our TITAN and LIGHTNING projectors,” Quinn continued, ”we are continually researching and implementing new technologies that surpass industry efficiency standards.”

Efficient thermal management within high-performance displays is critical to long-term performance and reliability. DP’s CoolTek™ innovations excel in meeting this design objective while keeping total chassis power consumption to an absolute minimum. In the TITAN family of projectors, DP has crafted an array of DC controlled “smart fans” that are controlled by thermal sensors positioned throughout the chassis. The fans run only at the speed required to produce optimum cooling, thus reducing overall power consumption and projector noise generation. Additionally, the Xenon lamp-based LIGHTNING series benefits from DP’s exclusive Hyper-cooled Lamp Module™ to improve illumination system cooling as well as extend lamp and reflector life. Instead of increasing fan speed, which leads to a direct increase in audible noise and power consumption, the Hyper-cooled Lamp Module™ enlists a directional flow reflector mask and radial heat exchanger to increase airflow turbulence and contact with the reflectors and bulb. DP’s LIGHTNING Pro Series II projectors also employ DirectFlow™, an exclusive innovation that efficiently moves fresh, filtered air through the light engine and around the DMD’s. All of these CoolTek™ sub-systems allow Pro Series II displays to achieve maximum illumination from minimal power, while ensuring critical components operate well within their thermal tolerances.

In terms of physical size, weight, thermal output, power consumption and lumens per watt, DP leads the projection industry when compared to products boasting similar lumen performance. DP’s philosophy on efficiency extends into every stage of product development. By equating projector power consumption to the amount of carbon produced in the environment, DP has fully explored the impact and benefits of responsible product engineering. Relying on published statistics and resources provided by the Energy Information Association (, the Environmental Protection Association ( and the AAA Gas Watcher’s Guide (, Digital Projection aims to clearly illustrate that responsible design produces tangible benefits. Mike Levi, President of DPI, stated, “We will continue to emphasize innovative and responsible design within our product line. In an evolving world and a competitive market, it is imperative we provide display solutions that deliver both user and ecological benefits in addition to the amazing imagery for which DP projectors have always been known."

Digital Projection International will be exhibiting their full range of powerful, efficient and responsible DLP® projectors at the upcoming infoComm Show in Las Vegas, June 18-20th.

About Digital Projection International
Founded in 1989, Digital Projection International (DPI) has been instrumental in the development and application of Digital Light Processing™ technology by Texas Instruments for projection systems. DPI introduced the world’s first 3-chip DLP® projector in 1997, and has since delivered expert system engineering and world-class customer services, thus maintaining its position as a digital imaging pioneer.

DPI’s groundbreaking projection research and development has garnered the admiration of industry professionals around the world. This has earned the company many awards, including two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. DPI remains the first and only projector manufacturer to win the coveted award.

Today, DPI manufactures and distributes an extensive line of ultra high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP® projection systems. These projectors are the reference standard for demanding applications such as large-venue, live-event staging, Fortune 5000, education, medical and scientific research, command and control, digital cinema, commercial entertainment, worship and elite home cinema.