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projectiondesign's New Avielo Home Cinema Series Touts Professional DLP® features

Press Release  |  Aug 25, 2008
Denver, CO (CEDIA EXPO) August 25, 2008 - projectiondesign announces their new avielo series of premier home cinema DLP projectors that offer important Hollywood moviemaker capabilities to residential users. Notably, the avielo series scores on two counts. First, it provides the very latest in high performance projection technology. Second, avielo sets the pace for esthetic achievement, reflecting top- level industrial design.

The first three models to be released - the spectra, optix and prisma - are designed with and over-the-top user experience in mind and include professional grade features like Phillips UHPT VIDI lamp technology, projectiondesign's exclusive RealColor color management suite, Texas Instruments® DLP technology, full 10-bit processing, custom designed optics and HDMI 1.3 interconnectivity. Each projector is uniquely characterized and calibrated at the factory, ensuring they will provide the best possible image quality.

VIDI lighting technology strengthens color performance as it produces additional brightness by delivering more lumens on screen. Users can employ VIDI's Ultra High Performance (UHP) wave shaper to select and boost individual colors for knockout imaging. With VIDI the end result is heightened brightness in video mode and better color fidelity in data mode. VIDI"s superior contrast ratio allows users to finally say goodbye to the disappearance of detail during dark scenes.

The new, full HD 1080p resolution avielo spectra offers a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and is suitable for screen sizes up to 120-inch diagonal. With its hand selected "Signature" series projection lenses, high end video processing, and technologies that are directly transferred from our professional projectors often used in the movie industry, this is our expected best seller.

Designed to offer the ultimate in performance from a single-chip DLP design, the avielo optix also features full HD 1080p resolution, a choice of six lens options, three of which come from the hand- selected 'Signature' series for the best possible picture quality. The unit is suitable for screen sizes up to 180-inch diagonal, and uses projectiondesign's patented 'DuArch' dual illumination architecture, ensuring that performance is unaffected even in the event of a lamp failure. Cased in a distinctive 'Tuscan Bronze' finish, which simply oozes class, the optix will also complement the most stylish of home interiors.

Titled avielo prisma, the entry level DLP projector features 720p resolution, and is suitable for screen sizes up to 100 inches diagonal and is designed to offer the company's legendary image quality and ruggedness of construction in a package that is more affordable than ever before.

Two further models are to be unveiled during the fourth quarter of 2008. The upcoming avielo radiance model is based on the same chassis as the spectra, but features a higher-power output, making it suitable for screen sizes up to about 135-inch diagonal.

Topping the range, meanwhile, will be the avielo helios. Using a proprietary design 3-chip DLP architecture, this model is packed with technological advances, including optically adjustable color gamut without losing precious dynamics and bit-depth, and for the first time, an image content adaptive output level for 3-chip DLP projectors. Suitable for screen sizes up to 300 inches diagonal, the helios has been designed from the outset as a home cinema projector without compromise.

Gary Plavin, President of projectiondesign LLC Americas says, "The HD revolution has consumers demanding the crème de la crème. That's avielo with moviemaker performance features. Just look at our complete specifications. They're unbeatable. We believe there's a perfect DLP projector fit within the new avielo series for anyone in the market to experience outstanding home cinema."

The avielo series expresses a stunning contemporary look and style in designer shades of Etruscan Bronze and Pearl White.