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DVDO Launches EDGE

Press Release  |  Aug 29, 2008

Affordable high-quality video processor features complete range of Video reference Series technologies at a fraction of the cost of comparable offerings

CEDIA EXPO, DENVER, CO -- LOS GATOS, CA -- August 29, 2008 DVDO, the industry leader in video processing systems and video processing semiconductors, and creator of iScan™, the industry’s first affordable line doubler, announced today the introduction of a breakthrough product -- DVDO EDGE™. The first affordable world-class video processor, EDGE upconverts all video formats, up to 1080P output, and improves image quality through its full complement of Anchor Bay’s Video Reference Series™ (VRS™) technologies. EDGE is also the ultimate A/V hub, with 6 HDMI 1.3 “Deep Color” inputs, 2 HDMI 1.3 outputs and a complete array of analog and digital A/V connections. Its new user interface makes setup and operation simple, and there are a number of new customization features allowing users to personalize their own setups. EDGE represents groundbreaking price/performance and offers unparalleled cost/value—at the same price as the very first iScan in 1998—just $799 SRP! EDGE is scheduled to ship in mid to late September.

EDGE assures the best image quality for any digital television by incorporating all of Anchor Bay’s acclaimed VRS™ technologies. These include Precision Deinterlacing™, which gives world-class deinterlacing with 10-bit precision for all sources from 480i to 1080i, and Auto PReP™ (Progressive Reprocessing), which has the unique ability to “undo” poor deinterlacing in source devices (DVD/set-top box, etc.) that use general purpose chips for upscaling and deliver a flawless picture to your display.

EDGE converts multiple resolutions, including both SD and HD, up to 1080P resolution, using Anchor Bay’s Precision Video Scaling II™ 10-bit technology. Additional VRS technologies include Mosquito Noise Reduction, Fine Detail Enhancement, Edge Enhancement, Progressive Cadence Detection™, RightRate™, Precision A/V Lipsync™, and Auto CUE-C™.

A highly flexible audio/video hub, EDGE handles 10 sources, with 6 HDMI 1.3 compliant inputs (including one hidden and accessible on the front panel). Two Component video inputs accept YPbPr and RGBS (one also accepts RGBHV as well). For other analog video signals, one Composite and one S-Video input are provided. For audio not carried on an HDMI input, there are four digital and one analog audio inputs that are assignable to any of the video inputs.

Only a single HDMI cable is needed to connect EDGE to the display device, as all video sources (including analog) are converted to HDMI. EDGE has two HDMI 1.3 outputs, one for the display and a second that carries audio only for use with HDMI 1.3 enabled receivers and processors. For older receivers, an optical output is provided for the audio signal.

Flexible aspect ratio controls allow for easy removal of the black bars in letterbox and pillar-box images, as well as correction for overscan and underscan. Preset aspect ratios include 4:3 full frame, 4:3 letterbox, 16:9 full frame, and Panorama, which applies a non-linear stretch to 4:3 images to fill 16:9 screens. The user can also customize aspect ratios on the fly, through flexible horizontal and vertical zoom and pan controls.

“One of the most persistent comments I hear from clients is how they can’t stand to see ‘black bars.’ Whether the image is letterboxed or pillarboxed, for many people this is really a big deal, and EDGE makes this a simple problem to solve,” said Terry Paullin, Imaging Science Foundation. “Another client complains about when football scores are chopped off in the lower right corner of the screen, and EDGE’s complete control of Overscan and Underscan will let him see all the information on screen. It’s funny, but solving just these little problems is a really big deal for clients, and while they probably wouldn’t pay $3,000 for it, at $799 they won’t even blink.”

EDGE can be programmed for auto input selection, which detects active signals when components are switched on. An “Input Priority” option allows the user to set priority among the sources. Picture controls can be customized for each source, allowing the user to set Brightness, Contrast, Color, Hue, Mosquito Noise Reduction, Fine Detail and Edge Enhancement. The user can also create custom on-screen names for each input.

Precision AV Lipsync™ eliminates “video lag” problems by automatically compensating for the video processing delay of the EDGE, assuring that picture and sound are perfectly matched. For sources where a lip-sync delay is already present, the user can manually adjust the delay up to 200 milliseconds.

Mosquito Noise Reduction reduces random picture noise common to compressed standard and high definition content. Other controls include Fine Detail Enhancement, which extracts fine detail in low resolution or compressed video images, and Edge Enhancement, which sharpen edges without adding ringing or halos to the image.

To optimize film-based content, Anchor Bay’s Progressive Cadence Detection™ and RightRate™ lock all sources to a 24 Hz frame rate and enable 1080P 24-Hz output.

The EDGE’s ‘Game Mode’ gives gamers an uncompromised gaming experience, by eliminating video processing delay. Additionally, the front panel HDMI input is ideal for use with Xbox360 and PS3.

“Millions of customers have now upgraded to HDTVs, but as they add more sources like Blu-Ray players, portable media, cable boxes and satellite receivers, they find themselves running out of ways to connect them to their TV,” said Doug Fealtman, CEO of DVDO. “And then, once they’ve lived with HD picture quality, they want to find a way to raise the level of picture quality from lower resolution sources to match the capabilities of their HD display. The EDGE was designed to seamlessly answer these challenges by connecting and enhancing all video sources and switch between them with the push of a single button.”

"This new $799 price point should reinvigorate the relationship between an outboard processor and the new low-priced panels,” said Electrograph’s Director of Product Marketing, Jeff Jerome. “Now you can justify a processor for a number of panels in the home, not just the main Home Theater setup. We still have the VP50PRO for our Professional partners but EDGE is designed to service a whole new tier in consumer processors."

Unlike many high-performance video processors, EDGE is designed to be easy for the end user to install and operate. Its on-screen Setup Wizards guide the user through the setup process, and its intuitive user interface with on screen ‘hints’ makes it easy for anyone to operate. Dedicated EDGE Tech support is available both toll-free and on line.

EDGE features a sleek new design with an understated, sculpted look that is distinctively “un-boxy” in comparison to conventional audio/video components. Also included with the product is a backlit, learning Universal Remote control with an elegant, ‘soft-touch’ finish.

On the back panel, generous spacing around the HDMI connectors makes insertion and removal of connectors easy, especially with premium cables that use oversized connector overmoldings. Also provided is a rear panel IR mini-jack input for use with control systems.

For more information on DVDO EDGE, go to

About Anchor Bay
Anchor Bay Technologies designs and manufactures advanced digital semiconductor and system-level solutions for next-generation digital television and high-resolution digital video products. The company's proprietary Video Reference Series™ (VRS™) technology allows Anchor Bay to offer a wide range of advanced video processing solutions that greatly improve image quality on large screen HDTV home theater systems and other video displays. The company's technologies include Precision Video Scaling™, Precision Deinterlacing™, Progressive Reprocessing™ (PReP™), color correction, detail enhancement, and noise reduction solutions.

Anchor Bay makes its VRS technology available in semiconductor products for OEMs and in its award winning DVDO iScan line and EDGE video processing systems for end users. The company is dedicated to providing leading-edge video technologies that will enable current and next generation ICs and systems to deliver reference-quality images across a wide range of displays and sources. Privately held, Anchor Bay maintains its headquarters in Los Gatos, Calif. For more about Anchor Bay Technologies please go to

Source: Anchor Bay Technologies