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Digital Projection Reveals Full Lineup of 14 Active 3D Capable Displays

Press Release  |  Feb 5, 2009

New Digital Projection 3D projectors provide precise and immersive imaging for scientific, commercial, military and entertainment applications

ATLANTA, GA, (February 5, 2009) – As a follow-up to their introduction of the TITAN 1080p-3D at ISE Europe, Digital Projection International, an Emmy® Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, announced the addition of a complete range of products with active 3D capability to its TITAN, LIGHTNING and iVision product families.

DPI is offering two active 3D projectors in its single-chip projector lineup – the iVision sx+ 3D that is equipped with a standard zoom lens, and the iVision sx+W-3D, which is equipped with a short throw ratio fixed lens. Both products are compact and lightweight, feature a durable Magnesium cabinet and weigh in at roughly 7 lbs with lens. The iVision 3D’s size, weight, SXGA+ native resolution and Brilliant ColorTM imaging make them great solutions for portable 3D applications and for permanent 3D installations with smaller screens.

The new TITAN 3D product range is comprised of eight distinct projectors. All eight units feature Texas Instruments’ three-chip DLP technology with fast transit pixels for smooth grayscale and improved contrast. In the 3D configuration, the award winning TITAN chassis houses DPI’s wide bandwidth active 3D electronics, which support sources running up to 120 Hz vertical refresh rate. The TITAN 3D models are available with either SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) or 1080p (1920 x 1080) native resolution. Both the native SXGA+ and 1080p platforms are offered as either dual or single lamp models, and each of the two lamp configurations can be further ordered as a High-Brightness or Ultra-Contrast configuration. When all 8 models are considered in total, the TITAN 3D product line presents a comprehensive array of active 3D display options, with brightness up to 9,000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio up to a spectacular 5000:1.

For active 3D applications demanding the highest lumen performance, DPI’s new LIGHTNING 3D offers the same source compatibility and imaging capabilities as the TITANs, while producing up to 21,000 ANSI lumens and 4000:1 contrast. Both High-Brightness and Ultra-Contrast versions of the LIGHTNING 40iSX+ 3D and LIGHTNING 1080p-3D are available, yielding a total of four powerful LIGHTNING 3D models from which to choose.

TITANs and LIGHTNINGs are all robustly built and extremely quiet, making them the perfect imaging solution for a variety of vital immersive applications, including: military simulation, scientific visualization, motion-based entertainment, commercial cinema and theme park attractions. In addition to the active 3D capability, the TITAN 3D and LIGHTNING 3D models also include DP’s new FastFrame™ technology, a revolutionary combination of hardware and firmware that vastly reduces the artifacts and image blur typically associated with rapidly moving displayed content. The benefits of FastFrame™ are especially important for simulation environments such as commercial and military flight training, and other applications where the maintaining the visual integrity of high-speed imagery is vital.

For challenging 3D applications that require extreme mechanical rigging or precise mechanical alignment, the TITAN 3D products can be ordered with DP’s RapidRig™ flying and stacking frame (standard on LIGHTNING 3D models). The RapidRig frames provide integrated pitch, roll and yaw adjustments, simplifying installation and alignment accuracy. The TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D products utilize the same state of the art lenses employed across the rest of DPI’s TITAN and LIGHTNING Product range, so optical accuracy is always ensured.

Key features of the TITAN and LIGHTNING 3D product line include:

• High Bandwidth input >120Hz active stereoscopic DVI with no need for frame doubling. This capability extends the dynamic range up to 16 bit for improved contrast and color gamut.
• Double-Flash Matrix ProcessingTM (DFMP) – Supports users wishing to distribute 3D content via more traditional, 60 Hz formats with the option to frame-double their sources within the projector, via DFMP. When this option is selected, the input signal, having been processed and if necessary re-sized to map to the native resolution of the projector, will also be frame-doubled to 120 Hz, and the doubled frames interleaved. This produces imagery with the low flicker characteristics of a native 120 Hz source, but without the infrastructure costs associated with distributing and switching ultra-high bandwidth signals.
• Projector electronics provide an interface to drive an infrared transmitter to synchronize switching glasses with active displayed frames. The user can elect either to pass through an external synch pulse, or to use the reference generated internally by the projector. Adjustments are provided to accommodate the phase and dead time characteristics of different switching glasses.
• FastFrame™ technology, a revolutionary combination of hardware and firmware that provides user adjustments to vastly reduce the artifacts and image blur typically associated with rapidly moving display content. DP’s NextGen™ electronics, featuring class leading de-interlacing with SD and HD sources processed using auto 3:2 and 2:2 extraction.
• Minimal video delay from input to screen - as low as 1 frame.
• Sealed optics to protect the DMD’s and other focal plane components from airborne contaminants. Eight user-selectable inputs, including HDCP-compliant DVI plus SD/HD-SDI as standard.
• Super high bandwidth direct DVI inputs offer Single, Twin, Dual and Dual Twin DVI format connectivity.
• Up to 16 Bit color for breathtaking image reproduction.
• DPI’s ColorMax™ calibration capabilities including enhanced seven-point color correction for broader color space and precise color alignment.
• User selectable Xenon-color mode processing (TITAN), which enables the projector to closely replicate the spectral performance of a Xenon lamp.
• High efficiency, dual high intensity discharge lamps (TITAN), which can be run individually or simultaneously, with a typical life of up to 6000 hours.
• Long life Xenon illumination system (LIGHTNING) provides maximum lumens, broad color gamut and native D65 white point.
• A range of precision optics with extended lens shift, compatible with all TITAN and LIGHTNING sx+ and 1080p models.
• DPI’s CoolTek™ engineering, which delivers the highest lumen performance with the lowest power consumption, thermal (BTU) and noise level (dBA) output.

TITAN 1080p-3D and other DP projectors are currently on display at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam until February 5th, booth 11F90. Digital Projection’s 3D production line is already running and the company’s first active 3D products are shipping to lead customers during February 2009.