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Energy Efficiency Takes Center Stage at InfoComm 2009

Press Release  |  Jun 16, 2009
ORLANDO, Fla., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- 3LCD, the world's number one projection technology with more than 50 million chips shipped, is highlighting energy efficiency at this year's InfoComm. 3LCD, a leader in the projection industry for more than 20 years, is known for its innovations and advantages over competitive technologies.

In today's economy, energy efficiency is becoming a more important consideration for projector buyers, and 3LCD is leading the charge. 3LCD projectors efficiently use available lamp light to create stunning images, using 25% less electricity per unit of brightness, as compared to 1-chip projectors(1). This is a considerable difference that could lead to cost savings for buyers.

3LCD projectors use available lamp light more efficiently. Using a 3-chip optical engine with a dedicated chip for each of the three primary colors of light (red, green and blue) and Dichroic mirrors, 3LCD projectors accurately allow certain colors of light to be reflected and other colors to pass through. In contrast, 1-chip projectors use a rapidly spinning color wheel that only allows one color to pass through at a time.

InfoComm attendees can visit the 3LCD booth, #3801, to see a hands-on energy efficiency demonstration, as well as side-by-side Color Light Output shoot-outs comparing color performance.

3LCD also will have kiosks and information on the disadvantages of filter-free projectors. The dust kiosk will focus on three major issues:

-- Dust still gets on the lamp and other critical components inside filter-free projectors
-- Dust reduces lamp brightness and useful lamp life in filter-free projectors
-- Dust degrades image quality in filter-free projectors. P> Projectors built with 3LCD technology use filters to protect the lamp and engine from dust build-up.

Other 3LCD technology advantages include:
-- 3 Chips in EVERY projector: All 3LCD projectors use a 3-chip optical engine to deliver incredibly bright, vibrant, true-to-life images.
-- No Color Wheel: 3LCD projectors do not rely on a spinning color wheel to produce color and do not suffer from "the rainbow effect" or "color break-up."
-- Road-Tested Reliability: 3LCD technology is the #1 projection technology, with more than 50 million chips shipped, and has consistently been the choice of users who demand the long-life performance and reliability.

About 3LCD Technology
3LCD is the world's leading projection technology, delivering unbelievably bright and natural color, amazing detail and road-tested reliability. Using an advanced, 3-chip optical engine, 3LCD offers full-time color for brilliant quality images without the possibility of color break-up. 3LCD is based on LCD technology, which is used by leading manufacturers worldwide for the ultimate viewing experience in flat panel TVs and projectors. To find out why more users choose 3LCD than all other projection technologies combined and to get the latest list of leading companies offering 3LCD technology in their products, visit the 3LCD website at

(1) Data Source: Jan. 2009. Average of 796 shipping models for which the manufacturers provided lumens and total power data, all resolutions and brightness levels. Energy efficiency was measured as wattage per lumen. It was measured for both 3LCD and 1-chip projectors in six different lumens categories. 3LCD projectors averaged less required electricity per lumen in each of the six categories.

Source: 3LCD