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Sharp Showcases Growing Professional Projector Line and AQUOS® LCD TV Display Options at InfoComm 2009

Press Release  |  Jun 17, 2009

Sharp Continues to Expand Its Wide XGA DLP® (BrilliantColorTM and 3-Chip) and 3-LCD WXGA Projector Offerings

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - June 17, 2009) - INFOCOMM 2009 - ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER - BOOTH #4701 -- Sharp is demonstrating its wide breadth of projection solutions at InfoComm 2009, with offerings for almost any type of business presentation. With brightness solutions ranging from 2400 to 6000 Lumens, designs that vary between basic portable units up through integration and large-venue models and projectors in standard throw as well as short-throw designs, Sharp is solidifying its strong presence in the market. The extensive Sharp projector suite includes BrilliantColor DLP models, 3-LCD models and 3-chip DLP models. For clear and accurate images, Sharp also continues to expand its Wide XGA offerings, with BrilliantColor DLP, 3-LCD and 3-Chip DLP projectors from 2500 to 5200 ANSI Lumens.

At InfoComm 2009, Sharp is introducing the PG-F325W, a Wide XGA DLP BrilliantColor projector with 3000 ANSI Lumens that combines vibrant color reproduction, exceptional compatibility, reliability and affordability. Additionally, Sharp will be showing a prototype BrilliantColor 3-D DLP model. Using Texas Instruments' 3-D DLP technology, this prototype projector will enable interactive learning and enhanced 3-D presentations for classrooms and conference rooms. The high resolution active stereoscopic single-chip DLP technology delivers applications for scientific visualization, simulation and entertainment environments. Using 3-D shutter glasses with 120 Hz refresh rate for flicker-free images, the projector is designed to offer compatibility with both 3-D and 2-D content.

Sharp's AQUOS® line of LCD TVs continues to be a popular choice for corporate installations. At the show, Sharp will showcase its AQUOS "E" Series LCD TVs for use in home theater and multimedia (data and video), digital signage and display applications. This series provides an affordable complement for display and presentation opportunities requiring accurate and precise image reproduction.

"Projectors have been a large focal point for Sharp this year, with new introductions across the board -- bringing the company's first short-throw projector to market, making waves in the 3-chip DLP market with a price and performance breakthrough product and rounding out its Wide XGA suite with a variety of options in BrilliantColor DLP, 3-chip DLP and 3-LCD," said Dan Wynne, senior director of marketing, Professional Display Division, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. "Our full line-up of conference/classroom projectors for portable use or permanent installations to our large-venue 3-chip offerings, provide diverse solutions with unparalleled image quality and long-term reliability to meet any customer need."

The Sharp display solutions at InfoComm are ideal for corporate, government and educational facilities, houses of worship, rental/staging as well as being used for trade shows, videoconferencing and digital signage. All current Sharp "PG" and "XG" series projection systems are backed by a 3-year parts and labor limited warranty that includes 3 years of Sharp industry-leading 24-hour turnaround "ER" Express Repair support. (90 day warranty on user-replaceable projection lamps.) The following key products and series will be showcased at InfoComm. For additional details, please see individual press releases.

Sharp PG-F325W WXGA Brilliant Color DLP Projector
Sharp enhances its WXGA offerings with a 3000 ANSI Lumens professional DLP Brilliant Color projector that combines vibrant color reproduction, exceptional compatibility, reliability and affordability. The PG-F325W can display full 720p from HD sources and pixel perfect 1280 x 800 (16:10 aspect ratio) WXGA resolution from the newest generation PCs. The projector also provides an expanded color palette for more realistic and lifelike images, utilizing BrilliantColor technology with multi-color processing. With RJ-45 LAN connectivity, advanced HDCP Compliant DVI-I input, and built-in closed caption, the PG-F325W meets the needs of corporate, education and house of worship settings. DLP sealed system along with filter-free design and ultra-quiet cooling fans makes the PG-F325W a projector of choice for rental/staging, government and other extended-use environments. The PG-F325W is a step-up model to the PG-F255W (2500 ANSI Lumens, WXGA) which continues in the line.

Sharp XG-P560W 3-Chip DLP WXGA Installation/Integration and Large-Venue Projector
The Sharp XG-P560W WXGA 3-chip DLP Projector offers a price performance breakthrough, providing among the highest color accuracy levels, image quality and reliability in front projection. Designed for integrated systems including conference rooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, houses of worship, control rooms, rental/staging and other large-venue installations, the XG-P560W DLP Projector features 5200 ANSI Lumens, WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution and 1800:1 contrast ratio for a bright picture in almost any lighting setting. The 3-chip DLP projector offers compatibility with standard RGB and video sources, as well as 720p HDTV and "pixel perfect" 1280 x 800 resolution from the newest PCs. The projector also includes a power zoom lens with motorized H/V lens shift, seven lens options, and broad connectivity. The projector is available with a standard lens (XG-P560W) and without the lens (XG-P560WN).

Sharp XG-P610X 3-Chip DLP XGA Installation/Integration and Large-Venue Projector
The 6000 ANSI Lumens XG-P610X 3-chip DLP projector breaks industry barriers with unparalleled picture quality and brightness at an affordable and competitive price point. This 3-chip DLP XGA Professional Projector combines extensive projector features from Sharp with Texas Instruments' advanced 3-chip DLP technology. Combining high brightness, 1800:1 contrast ratio, XGA native resolution, seven lens options and redundant reliability through a dual-lamp lighting system, the XG-P610X is ideal for facilities that need a powerful, permanently-installed display device, including rental and staging, corporate, university and government, houses of worship and other large venues. The projector is available with a standard lens (XG-P610X) and without the lens (XG-P610XN).

Sharp BrilliantColor DLP Conference / Classroom Projectors
Sharp's "F" and "D" series BrilliantColor DLP conference / classroom projector line-up includes nine models -- from 2400 ANSI Lumens to 4200 ANSI Lumens, in XGA and WXGA native resolutions and in standard and new short-throw designs. Ideal for corporate and education markets, these projectors provide enhanced colors and enriched images, utilizing Texas Instruments' BrilliantColor multi-color processing. A 6-segment color wheel adds yellow and cyan segments to improve color reproduction while maintaining high brightness, ensuring that all projected images are uniform.

BrilliantColor XGA resolution models include the new short-throw PG-F267X (2500 ANSI Lumens) -- which projects a 60" diagonal image from a distance of only 30.7" and a 100" diagonal image from a distance of only 51.2", the PG-F212XL (2400 ANSI Lumens), PG-F262X (2600 ANSI Lumens), PG-F312X and PG-F317X (3000 ANSI Lumens), and the new PG-D4010X (4200 ANSI Lumens). WXGA resolution models include the PG-F255W (2500 ANSI Lumens), new PG-F325W (3000 ANSI Lumens) and new PG-D3750W (3700 ANSI Lumens).

All models incorporate RS-232C connectivity with several models adding built-in network connection through an RJ-45 LAN Connector for remote control and access by a Web browser for diagnostics. All of the above "F" and "D" series projectors additionally need no filter and less maintenance resulting in lower cost of ownership. The new "D" series of conference / classroom projectors further adds a 10 Watt audio system (5-watts per channel stereo) enabling high quality audio in presentations without the need for a separate sound system.

3-LCD Projectors
The Sharp "C" Series LCD Projector line-up includes the 3-LCD Wide XGA Conference/Classroom XG-C455W as well as XGA models XG-C335X, XG-C435X and XG-C465X, offering 3-LCD technology for superior color accuracy and image detail. Designed for use in most any educational, corporate, government or house of worship setting, the projectors offer high performance, flexibility and reliability. Utilizing three polysilicon LCDs, and with high brightness (4000 ANSI Lumens - XG-C455W, 3500 ANSI Lumens - XG-C335X, 4000 ANSI Lumens - XG-C435X and 4500 ANSI Lumens - XG-C465X), the units project brilliant, uniform, high quality images. Extensive connectivity includes a built-in LAN (RJ-45) terminal, compatibility with standard RGB and video sources, DVI-D with HDCP compatibility, as well as RS-232C control and a port for a wired remote control. In addition to a standard zoom lens, the projectors offer four optional lenses, and with Sharp's rapid release lens mechanism, lens changes are quick and virtually effortless.

Sharp is showcasing its widescreen series of Full HD1080p HDTV AQUOS LCD TVs, available in 52- (52 1/32" diagonal), 46- (45 63/64" diagonal) and 40-inch (40" diagonal) screen size class units. The LC-52E77UN, LC-46E77UN and LC-40E77UN feature a dramatically bright and crisp picture, ideal for home theater and can also be used in digital signage and commercial display settings. The three E77UN models also include Fine Motion Enhanced technology for 120 Hz Frame Rate Conversion, fast pixel response time of 4ms, and wide viewing angles of 176 degrees, for a variety of placement in different home theater and commercial applications. Additionally, these units include five HDMI™ inputs and two HD component terminals, all of which are compatible with 1080p signals from Blu-ray™ and other new devices, in addition to RS-232C for custom installations and a dedicated PC input. The LC-40E67U also includes 6ms fast pixel response time, 176 degree viewing angles, and four HDMI inputs and 2 HD component terminals. The E series is Energy Star qualified, complying with the most recent Energy Star standards and also offers energy saving through Sharp's OPC function, to automatically adjust the unit's brightness based on the lighting of the room.

Sharp LCD TVs (Models LC-22DV27UT and LC-22SB27UT)
The Sharp LC-22DV27UT and LC-22SB27UT LCD TVs offer space-saving designs and added convenience features designed for consumers looking to upgrade old CRT TVs, add a second set to the home or to create captivating commercial applications. Available in 22-inch class (21.6" diagonal) screen size, model LC-22DV27U delivers a slim and versatile all-in-one-TV and video solution with the addition of a built-in DVD player. The 22-inch class (21.6" diagonal) screen size LC-22SB27U gives consumers another high-definition option with advanced features and a distinctively small footprint. The models include HDMI™ and an HD component input for simple, versatile set-up with high-definition compatibility. A PC input allows these small-screen LCDs to function as a computer monitor.

1080p DLP® Home Theater Front Projector (model XV-Z15000)
Sharp brings home theater to the forefront with the 1080p DLP home theater front projector that represents an outstanding value in the home theater market. The XV-Z15000 projector bundles an unprecedented 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and high brightness in a price-competitive model, recreating a true cinematic experience. Featuring a sleek high-gloss black design, the XV-Z15000 utilizes a single 1080p DLP 0.65" DMD chip from Texas Instruments (TI) to create one of the most spectacular images available in projection today. The true widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio projector provides cinema-quality images so consumers can enjoy movies in their original widescreen format, from the comfort of their own home. A 24 Hz film mode delivers the accurate representation of the film's originally intended frame rate, giving consumers a more realistic viewing experience. A high brightness level of 1600 ANSI Lumens delivers a magnificent and crystal-clear picture and a 6 Segment 6-Speed color wheel achieves flicker-free, high-grade images and accurate color reproduction for an uninterrupted image. A powered iris switchover function gives the consumer enhanced control over brightness and contrast settings with the touch of a button on the remote control, providing flexibility in varying home theater environments with different lighting situations. For easier installations, the model includes two HDMI™ terminals (version 1.3 with x.v.Color) to ensure a secure digital connection with all high-definition set top boxes or Blu-ray players and an RS-232C input for custom installations.

Sharp offers a full line of portable, conference/classroom and system integration / large-venue projectors for purchase, lease or rental through its national network of authorized dealers and resellers. For more information, please contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Professional Display Division, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07495-1163, or call 866-4-VISUAL (866-484-7825). For online product information, visit the Sharp LCD Products Division Web site at or e-mail:

Sharp Electronics Corporation is the U.S. subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of one-of-a-kind home entertainment products, appliances, networked multifunctional office solutions, solar energy solutions and mobile communication and information tools. Leading brands include AQUOS® Liquid Crystal Televisions, 1-Bit™ digital audio products, SharpVision® projection products, Notevision® multimedia projectors, Insight® Microwave Drawer® appliances, SuperSteam™ ovens, Plasmacluster® air purifiers and the OnEnergy™ solar system. For more information visit Sharp Electronics Corporation at

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