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Runco Reveals Its Most Affordable VideoXtreme Projectors

Press Release  |  Sep 10, 2009

The VX-3000i, VX-3000d and VX-3000d Ultra deliver a unique combination of performance, feature sets, and price-point to complete its full-range portfolio of custom projection systems

Atlanta, GA - CEDIA EXPO 2009 - September 10-13 - Today, Runco®, the leading manufacturer of luxury video display solutions, adds three more projectors to its running tally of more than a dozen new product introductions at CEDIA EXPO 2009. Runco's new VideoXtremeTM projectors, the VX-3000i, VX-3000d, and VX-3000d Ultra, offer new feature sets, greater flexibility and projection performance options never before available at their respective price points.

"Runco's refreshed portfolio of projection systems, including the new VX-3000 models, offers the most advanced and customized solutions to satisfy the diverse range of budgets and media environments of every video aficionado," said Ben Clifton, vice president of technology for Runco. "These new VideoXtreme projectors are ideal for Runco dealers, and their high-end clientele, looking for versatile, high-fidelity HD solutions for custom home theaters."

The VX-3000i, VX-3000d and VX-3000d Ultra are among a growing family of next-generation products from Runco offering an incredible combination of features and flexibility at an astounding price. Each VideoXtreme projector boasts 1920 x 1080 native resolution DLP light engines featuring Runco's powerful single-chip SuperOnyxTM DMD technology for bright, pristine, high definition images. The new models offer Runco dealers a vast number of customization options, from three product family choices to a dozen lens options and ample lens shift, for the ultimate installation flexibility.

Runco's new VideoXtreme projectors feature advanced Vivix digital video processing that enhances picture quality from standard video sources, as well as provide artifact-free scaling. The VX-3000i incorporates Runco's Vivix processing within the projection system, and the VX-3000d and VX-3000d Ultra offer external video processing and control via Runco's next-generation DHD video processor controller. Vivix, with VirtualWide and new VirtualCinema, which removes the black bars from letterboxed content for non-CineWide configurations and expertly widens 16:9 content to fit into a 2.35:1 screen with minimal distortion on projectors with CineWide lenses. This ingenious processing supports all video content and aspect ratios from any video source; not only does this technology enable the three new VideoXtreme projectors to handle native HD content flawlessly, it also enhances standard-definition content to near-HD quality. The VX-3000i, VX-3000d, and VX-3000d Ultra each provide an ample connectivity suite and seamless compatibility between nearly every video source and the projector..

The VX-3000i is the most affordable of Runco's VideoXtreme projector line. It delivers cinema quality projection, along with a variety of lens options, to provide custom installers with a more versatile projector. The VX-3000d is a step-up solution from its sister model as Runco's external DHD provides system integrators the ultimate installation flexibility with a single-wire connection from the projector to the DHD, which is rack-mounted next to all other components. Runco's VX-3000d Ultra also includes the latest DHD controller. It combines powerhouse features, including Runco's O-PathTM light path enhancement technology, CinOptx premium grade lens options, and AxiShift multi-directional lens shift capability to produce bright, flawless images. All three VX-3000 models offer four different lens options, including Runco's legendary CineWide with AutoScope technology to properly reproduce 2.35:1 CinemaScopeTM movies with unparalleled accuracy, full vertical screen image height, and eliminates useless black bars.

Runco Home Theater products are built with quality and craftsmanship to ensure an amazing experience every time. All Runco displays feature a two-year RuncoCare standard warranty with Runco RedCarpet extended options also available.

Runco's VideoXtreme VX-3000 series projectors will ship in November and are available exclusively through its authorized dealer network.

Each MSRP is as follows: the VX-3000i is $8,995; VX-3000d is $11,995; and the VX-3000d Ultra starts at $19,995.

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