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Sales Begin for the Intelligent Projectors 'iP-01UE' and 'iP-01BE'

Press Release  |  Oct 16, 2009

Built-in Document Camera, Short Throw Lens, and Reasonable Price!

Tokyo, October 16, 2009 - NEC Corporation subsidiary, Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan, President: Shunichi Suzuki, Hereinafter: Avio) will formally release the "iP-01UE" and "iP-01BE" on November 2 as the latest models in the "Intelligent Projector- iP" series: the all-in-one projectors with a built-in document camera.

In addition to projecting PC and video/DVD images, as most other projectors currently available on the market do, our "iP" products also have a built in document camera which enables projection of printed paper, solid objects, photographs and transparencies as-is. Because of this additional feature, the "iP" products are becoming the standard projector for many businesses and schools to use in their classrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Customer feedback notes on overall improvement in meeting and presentation effectiveness due to the products’ multi-function capability.

These new models are equipped with a short throw lens enabling a shorter projection distance from the screen (55% of previous "iP" models). Therefore, images can be projected on a large screen in small conference rooms and meeting spaces where it was difficult, if not impossible, to use a projector before. Furthermore, projector use in many classrooms is more easily accomplished by placing the projector on the teacher’s desk and projecting directly onto a blackboard or a whiteboard. This eliminates the need to move desks around and project on special screens or boards.

The introduction of these two new models, allows for further improvements in implementing new ICT utilization methods of work efficiency improvement for various users and educational applications.