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Big screen laser experience premieres in Australian pockets

Press Release  |  May 20, 2010

Sydney, Australia, 20 May 2010: Displaying cinema quality images anywhere anytime is now possible with the new Uniden ULP 1000 Laser Pico Projector

Australian consumers will today be among the first in the world to access this revolutionary new pocket-sized projector.

Using patented laser technology which eliminates a fiddly focal lens, projected images are always in focus at any distance, even on curved surfaces. The Uniden ULP 1000 is a simple plug-and-play projector that can connect to a variety of devices, including iPod multimedia players, laptop computers, digital cameras with TV-out, mobile phones with TV-out, handheld game systems and DVD players.

The Uniden ULP 1000 delivers colourful, bright and vivid images, ranging in size from 15 to 250 centimetres (6 inches to 100 inches), depending on ambient light. No larger than an iPhone, the sleek unit weighs in at just 122 grams and offers up to 120 minutes of projection time.

The popularity of mobile devices continues to rise in Australia with enough mobile accounts to cover 113% of the Australian population[1].Coupled with an increase in available bandwidth and an explosion in demand for multimedia applications, many Australians now access as much content from their mobile phone as they do their PC. However, not all content was developed with the small screens of mobile devices in mind, so viewing and sharing multimedia files such as presentations and videos has proved an ongoing frustration.

Suitable for work and play, the ULP1000 delivers a big screen experience when viewing and sharing multimedia applications and programs such as presentations, mobile TV, movies and photos.

For mobile business, the pocket projector is a powerful tool in presenting your message in meeting situations, including impromptu elevator pitches, without the need to transport large and heavy equipment or compromise on image quality.

For use with friends and family, the ULP 1000 can be quickly and easily set up to share YouTube™ videos, holiday photos or even movies.

This new offering from Uniden has been made possible via its collaboration with Microvision, a world leader in innovative display and imaging products for mobile applications. The launch forms part of Uniden’s ongoing strategy to offer its customers the most advanced and attractive communication tools and devices available on the market.

Available from the Uniden website, the Uniden ULP 1000 Laser Pico Projector also includes a Uniden VGA 1000 Dock which easily connects a laptop computer to the projector. RRP: $999

Customer enquiries: phone Uniden 02 9599 3355 or visit

About Uniden
Uniden Australia Pty Limited is part of the Uniden Corporation of Japan which operates globally in America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Since its establishment in 1966, Uniden has grown to be a global leader in wireless communications. These include extensive range of telecommunication products such as digital cordless phones, UHF transceivers and other radio wave products. In Australia, the company also markets a range of digital products including GPS car navigation systems, Bluetooth car kits and digital wireless surveillance systems. For more information visit

About Microvision, Inc.
Microvision provides the PicoP® display technology platform designed to enable next-generation display and imaging products for pico projectors, vehicle displays, and wearable displays that interface with mobile devices. The company’s projection display engine uses highly efficient laser light sources which can create vivid images with high contrast and brightness. Founded in 1993, Microvision is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA and is also represented out of Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information visit

[1] Telstyle Australian Mobile Services Market, 2009 Update & 2009-2013 Forecast