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Press Release  |  Sep 24, 2010
- First Real 2K projector with SANYO’s exclusive QuaDrive™ technology
- Dual high-output lamps produce 10,000 ANSI lumen brightness
- Active Maintenance Filter increases reliability and lowers maintenance cost
- Picture-in-picture and picture-by picture capability - Multiple lens options available

CHATSWORTH, CA.—September 24, 2010 –SANYO North America corporation (SANYO), a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD and DLP projectors, introduces the world’s first QuaDrive™ projector with cinema required Real 2K resolution, the PLC-HF10000L. With 2048 x 1080 resolution that exceeds the requirements for Full HD resolution, and SANYO-exclusive QuaDrive™ technology, this native widescreen 3LCD projector produces an incredible 10,000 ANSI lumen brightness with a very wide color gamut, advancing display capability for the mid to large venue presentation market.

"SANYO QuaDrive™ technology combined with Real 2K resolution allows us to offer extremely high value in the large-format projector market with an amazing 10,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and widescreen presentation,” stated Sam Malik, Vice President of SANYO’s Digital Solutions Division, and General Manager of the Corporate Solutions Group. “We are offering a compelling reason for operators of large venues and the rental and staging companies to upgrade to the latest technology by having a product that offers a very low lifetime total cost of ownership and being priced to be extremely competitive for projectors with similar brightness.”

The QuaDrive™ engine adds a yellow color control device to the red, green and blue elements of the projector’s 3LCD system. By automatically controlling the amount of yellow light in the image, it improves color accuracy, produces a wider color gamut and enables higher brightness levels. First introduced in 2008 in the PLC-XP200L, in 2009 the technology demonstrated effective color output even at the high brightness level of 12,000 lumens with the PLC-XF1000 model.

The PLC-HF10000L is SANYO’s first QuaDrive™ projector capable of Real 2K resolution, with no image compression. Its dual high-output lamps are used in combination with three internal mirrors that produce uniform light output, reduce color irregularities and produce exceptional image quality even at the remarkably high image brightness of 10,000 lumens.

SANYO’s Durable Inorganic Optical System (D.I.O.S.) works in tandem with QuaDrive™ to produce a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, producing rich, deep blacks and high-resolution image clarity, as well as extending optical system life. Low total cost of ownership (TCO) is further advanced through SANYO’s Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system. AMF aids long-term reliability and reduces maintenance costs, by monitoring the intake air volume through the filter and automatically advancing the “cartridge-like” filter media to provide a clean surface once reduced airflow through the filter is detected.

Nearly a dozen lens options provide great flexibility to fit venue requirements. Fixed and zoom lenses in standard, wide and long configurations are available, and remote controllable powered vertical and horizontal lens shift facilitates installation in nearly any environment.

Where multiple images are required, the PLC-HF10000L can simultaneously display two images, in either picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture modes. When additional projectors are required, its Color Matching function corrects variations in hue when more than one projector is used, and Edge Blending allows multiple images to be presented on the same screen without sharply defined borders, such as when more than one projector is used to create an extremely large image.

SANYO’s PJNet Built-in LAN networking facilitates control of the projector or a group of projectors through standard CAT5 network cabling. For presentation applications where necessary, a mechanical shutter system allows operators to instantly shut off light transmission. Input options include HDMI 1.3; DVI-D; D-sub 15 pin RGB; BNC for RGBHV and CV/Y-Pb/Cb-Pr/Cr; and S-Video, with optional boards available for HD/SD-SDI and Dual Link SDI.

Available in November 2010 the SANYO PLC-HF10000L has an MSRP of $34,995.

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a global, leading provider of energy, environment, and lifestyle applications. The Corporate Solutions Group, is based in Chatsworth, California, and is part of SANYO North America’s Digital Solutions Division (SANYO North America is a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.). The Digital Solutions Division is a service and sales division that markets digital projectors, digital still cameras, digital media camcorders, home appliances, security video equipment, audio systems, portable and mobile electronics and HD televisions. For more information on SANYO, please visit
Source: SANYO North America Corp.