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SANYO Announces Two New LCD Projectors Brightest In Their Class

Press Release  |  Nov 15, 1999

LAS VEGAS, COMDEX - BOOTH #L5826 - Nov. 15, 1999 - Sanyo, a leader in LCD projector manufacturing, today announced the PLC-EF10NA and PLC-XF10N. These two new LCD projectors are the brightest in their class, and come laden with many sophisticated technological innovations aimed at producing the best image quality possible.

Brightest in Their Class

The PLC-EF10NA produces a startling 3300 ANSI lumens with SXGA image resolution, and the PLC-XF10N imparts an equally impressive 3000 ANSI lumens with XGA resolution, making these two additions to the Sanyo projector family the brightest in their respective classes. Both units feature a power lens shift to facilitate twin stacking of the units. When twin stacked, the PLC-EF10NA produces nearly 6600 ANSI lumens, and the PLC-XF10N is capable of nearly 6000 ANSI lumens, extremely impressive numbers by any standards.

Proprietary Technology

Both units produce highly detailed images, thanks to some proprietary new Sanyo technology. Sanyo's new ASIC Progressive Scan circuit incorporates an original Sanyo algorithm to double the vertical resolution of the picture resulting in near high definition image quality from a standard signal.

HDTV Capability

Because they are equipped with RGBHV inputs both units are also capable of displaying 1080i high definition signals when fed this new standard signal. Sanyo's newly developed proprietary signal processing circuit manages to achieve a dot clock of 202 mhz—one of the first in the world to do so. The sum total of these new and exclusive technologies is picture quality with previously unattainable levels of detail and clarity.

Achieving Crucial Uniformity

A major challenge of high brightness projection designed for large screen applications has always been maintaining high uniformity. Sanyo has designed a proprietary Automatic Uniformity Correction Controller Circuit to address and solve this problem. This circuit significantly increases color and brightness uniformity to better than 85%, resulting in a picture with no hotspots or uneven brightness.

Digital PC Interface

These new models are among the first LCD projectors in the world to feature a digital PC interface. Based on PanelLink[TM] technology, the digital PC interface features a graphics accelerator (PCI) board that easily installs into a computer and results in true plug and play compatibility. Advantages of the PC interface include the elimination of noise, ghosting, and complicated setup adjustments. In addition, longer cable runs are possible with no loss of data from transmission of the signal. An optional graphics accelerator card (PCMCIA type II) allows these benefits to be realized even while using a notebook or laptop computer.

Digital Signal Processing

Signal processing is a crucial step in ensuring high quality images from LCD projectors. Sanyo's new units feature pure digital processing circuits to get the most out of the signals fed to them. Sanyo's digital signal processing circuits, which include digital gamma correction, digital progressive scanning, and automatic color correction work together to reproduce vibrant images with accurate color and precise details.

Multiple Lens Options for Flexibility

While they are ideal for large venue applications, the PLC-EF10NA and the PLC-XF10N can be adapted easily for many other environments. Both models come in a version that ships with no lens, and allows the user to mate the units with seven optional lenses for tailor-made installation solutions. Among the optional lenses available are a wide zoom, wide fixed, long range fixed, long range zoom, mid range fixed and a mid range zoom. All lenses are constructed of the highest quality optical glass and feature high F values so that pictures remain bright and clear.

Host of Standard Features

The PLC-EF10NA and PLC-XF10 feature a host of other impressive features, including laser pointer remote controls, reversable pictures for rear projection, Sanyo's own DRIT technology, easy to use on screen menus and a variety of inputs.

About Sanyo

Based in Chatsworth, CA, Sanyo Fisher Company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality multimedia, consumer audio and video, communication, security video, office automation, air conditioning and home appliance products. Its Presentation Technologies Division is one of the world's largest producers of LCD projectors and digital cameras. The company is a division of SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan), one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers.

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