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InFocus Introduces the IN5110 WUXGA Projector

Press Release  |  Nov 3, 2010

An easy and affordable upgrade path to the widescreen and 1080p experience

PORTLAND, Ore. (Nov. 3, 2010) – InFocus Corp., a digital display technology leader and visual collaboration champion, today announced the release of its IN5110 LCD projector. The WUXGA projector (1920 x 1200) allows users to view high-definition images and full high-definition 1080p video in their native formats without scaling or compression. With a lower cost than most WUXGA projectors and features that allow for quick swaps with legacy installations, the IN5110 offers an affordable and hassle-free upgrade to the latest widescreen LCD projection technology.

In today’s fast-paced world, change is constant. Organizations that can quickly adapt have a significant advantage. The IN5110 high-definition WUXGA projector offers the maximum amount of image area to display complex data. Working with multiple users and information sources is simplified with the ability to project two sources simultaneously -- perfect for web meetings, video conferencing, 3-D modeling, design visualization and group collaboration.

With 4,200 lumens, the IN5110 displays crisp images even in high ambient light, while the latest LCD and HDMI technology ensures sharp images, deep black levels and smooth motion—all critical for HD video and multimedia content.

“The ability to quickly install the IN5110 makes our job easier and our customers love it because we can upgrade them to the latest widescreen projection and save them money,” said Mark Madison, VP of Systems Integration, CompView.

The IN5110 uses the same universal ceiling mount as other InFocus projectors, which means upgrading a conference room is as simple as unplugging one and plugging-in the new model. It’s also the perfect upgrade for 95 percent of the projectors installed today. Features including horizontal and vertical lens shift, 70 percent greater zoom than the competition and a 1.5-3:1 (distance/width) throw ratio enable the IN5110 to use the same location as existing projectors and still produce the precisely sized and aligned images. Assignable audio inputs, RS232 and RJ45 network control and AMX Device Discovery offer additional installation flexibility. A single-lamp design and easily accessible lamp door make the IN5110 easy and economical to maintain, while a 3,000-hour lamp life and the latest inorganic LCD technology offer years of worry-free operation.

“Organizations looking for every competitive advantage demand high-definition image and video quality because they can work with more visual information,” said Benjamin Joy, product line director at InFocus. “With the IN5110, organizations have an easy and affordable upgrade path to the widescreen and 1080p experience, as well as the advanced collaboration capabilities.”

Source: Infocus Corporation