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Press Release  |  Jan 5, 2011

JVC 3D Projectors and New 3D Displays from LG Electronics Meet THX Strict

LAS VEGAS, NV. – Jan. 5, 2011- (Virtual Press Office) – THX Ltd. today announced that new home theater projectors from JVC and flat-panel displays from LG Electronics are the latest products to receive THX 3D Display Certification.

At CES 2011, JVC (booth #8226) is showing off two of four new 3D projectors – Procision Series DLA-X9 and DLA-X7 – the world’s first THX 3D Certified home theater projectors. These projectors were released in late 2010.

LG Electronics (booth #8205) will be demonstrating new 50- and 60-inch displays from its 2011 Infinia PZ750 and PZ950 plasma series during CES 2011. These are among the world’s first flat-panel displays to achieve THX 3D Display Certification. These displays join LG’s 2010 Infinia PX950 plasma display, the world’s first HDTV to achieve THX’s coveted 3D Display Certification.

“THX is committed to bringing the ultimate viewing experience into the consumer’s living room and provides the only certification for quality and performance for 3D projectors and displays,” said Rick Dean, senior vice president at THX. “We congratulate JVC and LG as the first 3D home theater projector and display manufacturers to pass the rigorous testing required for THX 3D Display Certification.”

Offering the only performance benchmark for 3D hardware today, THX 3D Display Certification enables display manufacturers to deliver the same stunning depth and detail found in 3D movie theaters. To achieve THX 3D Display Certification, THX engineers perform more than 400 laboratory tests to evaluate color, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing performance for both Left and Right eye images. This testing ensures that every THX Certified Display presents consistent stereoscopic images, which is critical for maintaining the 3D effect and minimizing sources of viewer fatigue.

“Our team has worked hard to certify the first 3D projectors to the THX 3D Certified Display standard,” said Mike Holmes, vice president, Consumer Display Division, JVC U.S.A. “Consumers have high expectations for 3D technology and by meeting THX’s strict requirements, we’re confident that the picture quality delivered through our projectors delivers the best 3D projector viewing experience possible outside of cinema.”

All THX Certified displays and projectors feature simple, one button solutions for optimized playback of 3D and 2D movies right out-of-the-box. THX Cinema Mode ensures that color reproduction, luminance, blacks, gamma and video processing matches what the filmmaker intended, and THX 3D Cinema Mode extends this same level of accuracy for 3D broadcasts and Blu-ray Discs. THX 3D Cinema Mode is designed to deliver highly accurate color in 3D, while minimizing sources of cross-talk and flicker.

“Buying an HDTV is a daunting process for many consumers and 3D adds an entirely new level of complexity,” said Tim Alessi, director of new product development, LG Electronics USA. “By achieving THX 3D Display Certification, LG continues its history of setting new standards in picture quality and gives our consumers the peace of mind in knowing they’ve bought the best.”

Named an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, THX is providing private demos to media and consumer electronic industry organizations throughout CES 2011 within a private suite at the Renaissance Hotel, next to the LVCC's South Hall.

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