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InFocus Rolls Out Digital Connectivity on all of its Projectors, Further Advancing Usability and Image Quality

Press Release  |  Feb 22, 2000

InFocus Demonstrated First DVI-Enabled Projectors at Intel

WILSONVILLE, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 2000-- InFocus(R) (NASDAQ: INFS), the worldwide leader in data/video projectors, last week demonstrated its digital connectivity platform, DigitalConnect, which will ship standard on all of its award-winning projectors this year. Using the M1 connector, an emerging standard from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), InFocus created DigitalConnect, which allows users to connect InFocus data/video projectors to their PCs with either a digital or analog signal through a single connector, providing easier set up and enhanced image quality. Continuing to deliver on its promise to bring increased ease of use to customers, InFocus is anticipating market needs and making it possible for users with various technologies to easily connect and operate its projectors.

The DigitalConnect platform allows an InFocus projector to receive a digital signal from a PC via the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) standard by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG). This standard, issued in April 1999 by the DDWG, is the key enabling interface standard accelerating the computer industry move toward completely digital image solutions. Until the advent of DVI, virtually all PCs were analog and intended for a conventional CRT monitor. Digital display devices such as data/video projectors had to convert the analog signal, affecting image quality and creating unnecessary steps for users. InFocus DigitalConnect eliminates the need to convert an analog-only video signal from desktop and portable computers, allowing InFocus projectors to provide an all-digital image solution thus enhancing image quality and making them even easier to use.

"DVI has become the standard for connecting PCs to digital displays, and will become commonplace by the end of 2000," said Martin Reynolds, vice president, technology assessment for Dataquest. "Its use on digital projectors provides notebook users with a foolproof connection that delivers the maximum image quality from the projector."

"Incorporating DVI onto our projectors was a priority for InFocus as we remain committed to our mission to offer users the best and newest technologies," said Jory Olson, principle engineer with InFocus. "As a participant in the DDWG, we were able to ensure that DVI is optimized for projectors, thereby providing additional usability and quality to our users. InFocus has further optimized the interface to give our customers access to all of the benefits of digital interfaces including USB and true Plug-and-Play."

The DDWG, an open industry group led by Intel, Silicon Image and several leading PC manufacturers including IBM, was formed in the Fall of 1998 to define a universal industry standard for the digital interface between PCs, consumer electronic devices and digital displays. Information on the DVI standard and the DDWG is available at

InFocus Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: INFS) is the worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing award-winning data/video projectors and services. All projectors provided by InFocus are backed by a comprehensive two-year service warranty, an exclusive "24-hour seven days per week" customer support hotline (800) 799-9911 and our Priority Care program. For the fiscal year ending December 31, 1999 InFocus revenue was $390.7M. The company's headquarters are located at 27700B SW Parkway Avenue, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-9215. Call (800) 294-6400 or (503) 685-8888. InFocus' fax number is (503) 685-8631.

NOTE: This press release includes forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and several factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements relate to anticipated revenues, gross margins, earnings, and availability of products manufactured on behalf of the Company, backlog and new product introductions. The following factors, among others, could cause actual results to differ from those indicated in the forward-looking statements: 1) in regard to revenues, gross margins and earnings uncertainties associated with market acceptance of and demand for the Company's products, impact of competitive products and pricing and dependence on third party suppliers; 2) in regard to product availability and backlog, uncertainties associated with manufacturing capabilities and dependence on third party suppliers; and 3) in regard to new product introductions, uncertainties associated with the development of technology and the establishment of full manufacturing capabilities, dependence on third-party suppliers and intellectual property rights. Investors are directed to the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Company's 1998 Form 10-K, which are available from the Company without charge, for a more complete description of the risks and uncertainties relating to forward looking statements made by the Company as well as to other aspects of the Company's business.


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