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Runco’s Award-Winning QuantumColor Series Reaches
New Segment with a Sub-$10k Projection Solution

Press Release  |  Aug 23, 2011

The QuantumColor Q-650i offers game-changing, energy-saving LED technology paired with proprietary Runco engineering

Beaverton, OR – August 23, 2011 -– Runco®, the leading brand in luxury display solutions, announced today the introduction of its new QuantumColor™ Q-650i lampless LED home theater projector. Building on Runco’s award-winning and best-selling LED projection line, the Q-650i maximizes the benefits of Runco’s InfiniLight™ lampless LED illumination technology for 70 percent power savings and no maintenance. In addition, the Q-650i pairs QuantumColor’s revolutionary technological advancements, like Runco SmartColor™ and InstantOn™, to create an energy-efficient system without using mercury or lead that delivers must-see projection performance. This combination makes the Q-650i the perfect solution for dedicated theaters with a 72-92-inch screen.

“The QuantumColor series transformed the industry and delivered on our promise that it was the future of projection,” said Jennifer Davis, Runco’s Vice President of Marketing. “The amazing client response to Runco’s QuantumColor series illustrates the market’s desire for luxurious and unmatched video experiences and a growing sensitivity about the environmental footprint of our consumer choices. The new Q-650i extends that performance.”

Quixel research shows that Runco’s Q-750i and Q-750d projectors are consistently ranked as one of the top five best volume sellers in the ‘more than $10,000’ category in the U.S. The ongoing positive response to the QuantumColor series prompted Runco to expand the line with the Q-650i, creating a sub-$10,000 option for projection enthusiasts without comprising performance. By using the revolutionary QuantumColor technology, the Q-650i maximizes LED performance and offers the same award-winning color gamut. When paired with Runco’s proprietary technologies that harness the impressive color gamut, the Q-650i creates stunning images while offering an environmentally friendly theater experience for less than the cost of a large, flat panel display.

“Due to ongoing innovation, consumers can now experience the high-end features available in luxury front projection at a lower price point as brands expand their lines to appeal to a wider audience,” said Tamaryn Pratt of QuixelResearch. “The recent growth in the last two quarters of sub-$10,000 projectors supports that customers want a superior viewing experience at the lower price point.”

Award-Winning Technology for Superior Viewing

• The award-winning Runco QuantumColor series of projectors span the range of brightness and image performance for different rooms and needs from the entry-level Q-650i to the Q-1500d for homeowners with larger theaters and screens up to 200 inches. Each projector provides: Multiple color spaces, including DCI, Adobe RBG, sRBG, REC 709, and REC 601, for exact reproduction of any content, and no loss of color alignment at shut down

• Runco’s Personal Color Equalizer™ for color that matches tones defined by Hollywood’s cinematographers

• Runco’s SmartColor™ to help eliminate distortion while preserving lifelike flesh tones

• ColorContrast™ measurement to turn up colors as needed for greater realism and dimension

• Runco’s Q-lumens, proven to be perceived as brighter than lamp-derived lumens

• InfiniLight LED illumination for increased stability over traditional UHP mercury lamps

• InstantOn™ technology for almost immediate image projection without requiring a warm up

• ColorPalette provides Runco customers a unique level of personalization and customization that reflects their own individual styles and décors

Runco’s QuantumColor projectors have it all—no lamp to replace, never-before-seen colors, high reliability, and low power consumption. The QuantumColor series is available exclusively through the best home theater dealers and the Runco authorized-dealer network. Like all Runco Home Theater products, each are built with quality and craftsmanship to ensure an amazing experience. All Runco displays feature a two-year RuncoCare™ standard warranty and extended options are also available.