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Microvision Unveils PicoP Gen 2 HD Laser Display Engine

Press Release  |  Jan 9, 2012

Revolutionizes the future of mobile display technology

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tomorrow at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, MicroVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS) will unveil the future of mobile projection technology with the new PicoP® Gen 2 HD laser display engine powered by direct green laser diodes. This MicroVision display engine revolutionizes the future of mobile display technology by offering the highest resolution pico projection engine in its class with low power, small size and at an attractive price to OEMs for their consumer, commercial, and automotive products.

“The new PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine prototypes we are debuting at CES define the future of visual display applications” With smartphone and tablet use growing, consumers demand innovative and viable mobile display solutions. The PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine represents a significant enhancement over all existing pico projection solutions for mobile content viewing and sharing. With direct green lasers and the new PicoP MEMS mirror, price joins size, power and performance as a reason to choose PicoP® technology as a preferred solution for OEM embedded products and applications.

“The new PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine prototypes we are debuting at CES define the future of visual display applications,” said Alexander Tokman, president and CEO, MicroVision. “With the market availability of direct green laser diodes expected this year, we are working steadily with our partners to help develop the next generation of consumer, commercial and automotive applications that deliver an unmatched big-screen experience from a tiny package.”

Beyond hallmark features of MicroVision’s PicoP laser display technology such as infinite focus, vivid clarity and brightness uniformity, the PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine boasts 720p high-definition images and immersive displays up to 200-inches diagonal. MicroVision will also demonstrate new HD engine prototypes with brightness ranging from 15 to 25 lumens at CES. MicroVision plans to begin seeding early samples of the PicoP Gen2 HD laser display engine to selected OEMs for their own testing and evaluation starting in Q1 2012.

Additionally, MicroVision will push the boundaries of how consumers break free from the screen by demonstrating two PicoMagic™ display applications: touch interactive and 3D displays. Both will enable users to experience a new world beyond the basic projection. PicoMagic™ touch interactive display will allow users to interact with a projected image on any surface, instantly creating multi-user applications such as virtual whiteboards. With PicoMagic™ 3D capabilities users will be able to experience 3D content from a small display device anywhere, anytime.

Both PicoMagic touch interactive and 3D display applications will be demonstrated at MicroVision’s technology suite in the Venetian Hotel (31-231). MicroVision will also be at the Showstoppers press briefing event, demonstrating a 25 lumen pico projector and the PicoMagic applications.

About MicroVision

MicroVision provides the PicoP® display technology platform designed to enable next-generation display and imaging products for pico projectors, vehicle displays and wearable displays that interface with mobile devices. The company’s projection display engine uses highly efficient laser light sources that create vivid images with high contrast and brightness. For more information, visit us on: