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BARCO Introduces Powerful New Generation Of Compact LCD Projection Systems

Press Release  |  Feb 1, 1999

BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC is the brightest, most advanced XGA polysilicon LCD projector on the market

Presentations ’99, Chicago, February 1 – 3, 1999 -- BARCO, a leading manufacturer of video and graphics display technology, announces the next generation in large screen LCD projection: the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC. Based on state-of-the-art polysilicon LCD technology, the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC delivers high light output, unsurpassed image quality and exceptional source versatility. Specifically designed for use in presentation system applications, as well as for rental and staging events, this compact unit features rugged yet lightweight construction which makes it the ideal solution for users that demand the highest image quality both in their home office and on the road.

The BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC meets the demanding requirements of business presenters who must cope with high ambient lighting conditions. Equipped with a 400 watt metal-halide lamp, the unit delivers an impressive 2,200 ANSI lumens, the highest light output available in its class.

The unit incorporates three ultra-high aperture ratio 1.8" polysilicon LCD panels with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. BARCO’s proprietary Pixel Map Processor enables the projector to display all sources from VHS video to the latest HDTV formats to high resolution S-XGA workstations with resolutions of 1280 x 1024 pixels. Unlike conventional LCD projectors, the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC provides automatic source recognition, which makes the unit a true ‘plug & play’ device. The combination of high resolution, extremely high light output, together with a corner-to-corner luminance uniformity of 85% and a contrast ratio of 350:1 uniquely position the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC as the new reference standard projection system for the presentation market.

The BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC is a member of BARCO’s growing family of Digital Light Cannon projectors and is equipped with BARCO’s unique True Color Reproduction (TCR) system for perfect color display and uniformity over the entire screen, as well as perfect color tracking and digital gamma correction. The unit also features BARCO’s proprietary TCRPlus processing which reduces noise in the video signal and improves the contrast ratio, producing smoother and sharper images. The unit also features a Serial Digital Input (SDI) using the 4:2:2 standard which provides an all-digital path from the input to projector’s LCD panels for unsurpassed digital video image quality.

The BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC is equipped with an impressive array of inputs signal connections including: one Video and one S-Video input, one configurable 5-wire RGB input, one standard VGA input and one SDI digital input. An optional IEEE 1394 firewire input is also available. The unit features three stereo audio inputs and one stereo audio output. All audio inputs can be assigned to any input signal by means of an on-screen menu selection. Two loop-through RS232 serial data connections are provided, as well as a communications port for connection to BARCO switchers and peripherals. All input connections are located on the projector’s front panel which enables more esthetic cable routing especially in fixed installations.

To maximize the unit’s versatility, BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC can be equipped with a wide range of easy-to-replace lenses, including: a short throw fixed focal length lens (0.8:1) and high quality zoom lenses (1.36 – 2.1:1) and (2 – 2.8:1). When using with the (1.36 – 2.1:1) zoom lens, the projector makes an ideal replacement for virtually any existing CRT projector installation. Special adapters are available to facilitate installation in existing CRT projector mounts.

Unlike the conventional lenses found on typical LCD projectors, BARCO’s high quality projection lenses offer exceptional resolution and clarity while maintaining an absolute minimum of geometric distortion and light output uniformity irrespective of zoom position. Due to their unique optical design, these lenses allow the unit to work equally well in both On-Axis and Off-Axis positions. In fact, using these zoom lenses the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC can be installed in a 120% off-axis configuration without any keystone correction -- a claim no other competitive projection technology can match. "Thanks to this feature, the projector can be placed higher than the top of the screen or under a table lower than the bottom of the screen, making it ideally suited for high-quality fixed installations," said Steven Barlow, Marketing Manager BARCO Projection Systems America.

The BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC features a unique quick-release lens mounting system that is especially useful for rental and staging applications. Without a lens the unit weighs only 33 lbs. For even higher light output and redundancy, two units can be double stacked without using a stacking frame. Double stacking is also facilitated by means of the unit’s motorized lens shift.

In order to enhance the unit’s versatility it features a convenient carrying handle, as well as a full complement of accessories, including: a Light Shutter, a rugged Ceiling Mount, a flexible Multifunctional Frame, a convenient Soft Case and a rugged Flight Case. A backlit infrared remote control provides instant access to set-up functions such as: motorized zoom and focus, lens shift, contrast and brightness, as well as other parameters such as picture tuning, geometry, audio and set-up configurations.

The BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC features convergence free set-up which never requires realignment ! The unit has been specially designed for minimum acoustic noise and is available in two color schemes (standard gray and an optional beige) for easy integration in almost any office environment.

For rear screen installations using optical screens, BARCO has developed a special BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC RST. This version is equipped with a high quality short throw fixed focal length lens (0.8:1) and has been specially adapted to eliminate color spots in the corner of special optical screens, which occur when using standard LCD projection systems. "For front screen applications, where light output is more critical, the green light of the projector is polarized in another direction than the red and the blue light (SPS-polarization). For rear screen configurations, BARCO has developed a solution, in which the three light beams (red, green and blue) are polarized in the same direction (SSS-polarization). Thanks to this feature, the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC RST offers perfect color uniformity over the entire screen, which makes it ideally suited for all high quality rear screen installations," said Steven Barlow, Marketing Manager BARCO Projection Systems America.

High brightness, excellent resolution, True Color Reproduction and an all-digital video signal path coupled with exceptional source versatility and user-friendliness make the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC a powerful presentation tool for boardrooms, training centers, conference rooms, education centers, auditoriums, demo rooms. The unit’s rugged lightweight design and extreme installation versatility also make it the product of choice for rental and staging events that demand uncompromising image quality and durability.

At the BARCO Booth 1298 at Presentations ’99, the BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC will be on display showing images from a wide range of Video and computer sources, including BARCO’s PreCa 1280, a unique high-end overhead presentation camera. The PreCa 1280 utilizes a color sequential, single CCD chip camera with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. Thanks to this unique approach, it offers a resolution roughly three times higher than its nearest competitors (3 CCD based) and up to 9 times higher than conventional document cameras (single CCD). The PreCa 1280 displays printed documents, three dimensional solid objects, prepared specimens as well as 35 mm slides with truly amazing quality and color fidelity.

At the "Display and Projection Education Center" exhibit at the McCormick Lakeside Center, three BarcoGraphics 6300 DLC projectors display images with the same resolution at a light level ranging from 500 and 1000 to 2000 ANSI lumens. This installation allows attendees to visually compare the light intensity differences.

BARCO Background

The BARCO Group, headquartered in Kuurne, Belgium, operates six major lines of business: Projection, Display Systems, Automation, Machine Vision, Graphics and Communications. BARCO Projection Systems is an ISO 9001 registered world leader in developing and manufacturing large screen projection systems for a broad range of applications, from entertainment, presentations and training to process control and simulation. Its U.S. subsidiary, BARCO Projection Systems America, Inc., is based in Kennesaw, Ga.

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