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NEC Technologies Introduces First Complete Projector Image-Enhancing System

Press Release  |  Apr 10, 2000

New VORTEX Technology(TM) Provides CRT-Like Image Quality with Superior Color and Contrast, Greater Depth and Detail

ITASCA, Ill., April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- NEC Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NIPNY) today announced the introduction of VORTEX Technology(TM), the first complete display enhancement system designed to change the way the world views projected images.

Developed to display CRT-like image quality in DLP and LCD front screen projectors, VORTEX Technology offers greater user flexibility and effectiveness. The new technology incorporates proprietary software and hardware to provide data and graphic displays with superior uniformity, color and contrast, and video displays with greater depth, detail, brighter whites and more realistic colors. The proprietary four-part process includes White Uniformity, Gamma Correction, Black Detail Enhancement and Color Separation.

DLP and LCD projectors, which are increasing in use due to their high brightness, high contrast, compact size and simple operation, have traditionally fallen short of image quality when compared to CRT projection systems. "With the addition of VORTEX Technology, the image quality of our projectors is dramatically enhanced to the level where details such as realistic skin tones and individual strands of hair -- some of the most difficult images to reproduce -- are captured," said Kathleen Marini, projection marketing manager for the Visual Systems Division at NEC Technologies. "This translates to the exchange of information that is more eye-catching and memorable. From a teacher in a classroom to a manager in a corporation, anyone who relies on visual images to communicate is expected to benefit from this new technology."

NEC Technologies is raising the bar in the projector industry by integrating this technology into all of its future projector models. VORTEX Technology is already built into the company's newest line of ultraportable projectors, the MultiSync(R) VT Series, which in addition to enhanced image quality, also offer mainstream presenters automatic set-up for ease-of-use, high performance and an affordable price tag.

VORTEX Technology System

VORTEX Technology's exclusive four-part system works simultaneously to achieve unsurpassed image quality. White Uniformity Enhancement is a one-time correction that uses precision optical measuring to determine thickness variations in the projector's panel. This ultimately reduces tinting, resulting in a cleaner, whiter balance. The Gamma Correction system closely matches the characteristics of the specific panels used in NEC Technologies' projectors for more linear and accurate grayscale and improved dynamic range. Most manufacturers apply CRT-like gamma correction to their projectors, which is minimally effective because the gamma response curves of LCD and DLP systems are quite different. Black Detail Enhancement is a process that dynamically expands the low-level grayscale information exhibited by LCD and DLP projectors to minimize the appearance of black levels and increase image detail to a more film-like quality. Lastly, Color Separation is achieved through the development of improved optical components and diachroic mirrors. This combination of hardware and signal processing produces higher color saturation and cleaner color shades, such as flesh tones. As a result, video images are more life-like and computer data and graphic images exhibit cleaner grayscales.

According to Marini, "Many projector manufacturers are addressing one or two of these image challenges, but NEC Technologies is the only company that has implemented a complete four-part system for the most enhanced projector image quality available."

For more information on VORTEX Technology or the new MultiSync VT Series of ultraportable projectors, call 1-877-NEC-EDIT or visit NEC Technologies on the Web at

NEC Technologies, Inc.
Headquartered in Itasca, Ill., NEC Technologies is a leading manufacturer of premium imaging peripherals and other technology products for the North American market. Product lines include MultiSync(R) CRT and LCD desktop monitors, AccuSync(R) CRT desktop monitors, MultiSync portable, fixed installation and large venue DLP and LCD projectors, PlasmaSync(R) plasma display panels, SuperScript(TM) printers, and Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS). NEC Technologies, Inc. is an affiliate of NEC Corporation.