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World's First True Palm-Sized Digital Projectors to Debut From PLUS-R- Corporation At INFOCOMM 2000

Press Release  |  May 11, 2000

ALLENDALE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 11, 2000-- Breakthrough sub-3lb PLUS(R)U3 Series Digital Projectors now redefine the mobile presentation market.

Pushing the envelope in state of the art microportable projector engineering and design to an unprecedented level of compactness, PLUS(R) Corporation today announced the introduction of the world's first true "Palm-Sized" digital projector series, the PLUS(R) U3 Series.

Featuring an incredibly small footprint of 7"X 9" and 1.9" thin configuration, the new PLUS(R) U3 Series of projectors weighs only 2.9 lbs. - 30% lighter than the lightest microportable projector that ever been available - yet delivers 800 ANSI Lumens of brightness. This new class of lightness and brightness has been achieved by combining the unique capabilities of Digital Light Processing* technology by Texas Instruments with the engineering expertise of PLUS Corporation. The new U3 Series consists of the U3-1080 (XGA resolution) and the U3-880 (SVGA resolution) models and both feature a stunning 800:1 contrast ratio (full on/off).

"PLUS(R)Corporation is completely focused on meeting the user requirements of today's mobile presentation professionals - professionals who are constantly being challenged to make outstanding presentations in the most demanding situations," explained PLUS(R)Corporation President Tom Oishi."PLUS(R) understands that these professionals need solutions that offer the very best combination of size, weight, performance and value.

"Over the years we have consistently pushed the envelope in design without sacrificing critically important performance features. With the introduction of the PLUS(R)U3 Series, we will take our furthest step yet in advancing the state of the art in mobile presentation technology. We will, quite literally, introduce the world to the first sub-3 pound Palm-Sized projector. Mobile presentations will never be the same again."

According to Sherel Horsley, Senior Vice President and Product Manager at the Texas Instruments Digital Imaging Division, "This is an astonishing achievement which has come about as a result of the combination of the expertise of PLUS(R)Corporation and the unique capabilities of DLP* technology to enable the development of small, light yet high brightness projectors. It is significant that a projector enabled by DLP* technology achieved the important sub-3lb milestone before a projector enabled by any other technology. For the so-called 'road warrior' - to whom every ounce is important - these projectors will be this summer's 'got to have' item."

The revolutionary PLUS(R) U3 Series Digital Projectors are designed in every respect to provide communications professionals with everything they need to make a great presentation in a mobile presentation environment.

Small room environments now become ideal presentation environments:

To help turn any small environment into the ideal presentation environment, the U3 Series incorporates a built-in short focus wide angle lens that enables the user to project a perfectly focused large image from a short distance. Communications professionals can thus make impressive presentations anywhere from a conference room to small meeting room and even a classroom.

Easy set-up:

A quick set-up is required in busy environments with mobile presentations. The new U3 series of projectors are equipped with features and functions that make the set-up quick and easy. Full automatic adjustment enables users to have the optimal projected image according to input source instantly, while digital keystone correction provides distortion-free images. With the one-touch foot adjustment function users can realize a perfect position immediately.

Durability for mobility:

The U3 projectors are designed to meet the punishing requirements of truly mobile communications professionals. With their built-in rugged magnesium alloy case that is 20 times stronger than plastic, users need not worry about breakage during transportation. In addition, a built-in sliding lens cap automatically protects the projector lens. Mobile presenters no longer need to worry about where they put the lens cap.

Compact sized accessories complement the projectors:

While the size and weight of the projectors are important, the size and weight of accessories are also important considerations for mobile presenters. The remote controller for the U3 Series is so compact - yet full-featured. The cables, normally one of the bulkiest parts of any projector package, also feature a lightweight design.

To maximize the effectiveness of presentations, the PLUS(R) U3 Series of Digital Projectors also include the following features:

- Patented PLUS(R) Optical Engine and new UHP lamp that realizes ultra clean and crisp images with higher uniformity.

- New advanced compression technology that eliminates all line omission for ultra-clear compressed SXGA(U3-1080) and XGA(U3-880) resolution.

- x10 digital zoom that allows any portion of projected image to be seamlessly magnified up to 1000% of the original image.

- Component video input for superior video images.

- 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio for home theater applications.

- Built-in direct mouse control with USB support for the greatest amount of mobility during presentations. This function enables users to operate the cursor on their computer via the remote controller, and supports USB and PS/2.

- Automatic mute and freeze function.

According to Dennis Fritsche, Business Manager for Digital Imaging Business Products at Texas Instruments, "The demand for projectors with the lowest possible weight and smallest possible size continues to grow at an astonishing rate. These exciting new product announcements from PLUS(R), which will forever change the world of projectors, create a new competitive benchmark. The combination of DLP* technology with PLUS's(R) outstanding expertise has created products which we expect will rapidly achieve significant success in the market. We applaud PLUS(R) for taking the strategy to be the leader in this most important projector segment."

Their first North American public showing of the PLUS(R)U3 Series will be at INFOCOMM 2000 at Booth #2437 (Anaheim, CA, June 15th-17th). Details on deliveries (scheduled in summer), pricing and other information will be available during the Show.

Headquartered in Allendale, New Jersey, PLUS(R)Corporation of America is a leading marketer of high quality, innovatively designed Presentation products that offer a superior performance value. The company is the North American subsidiary of PLUS(R)Corporation of Japan, a $1.5-billion worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sophisticated presentation products and related products.

Digital Light Processing and DLP are trademarks of Texas Instruments.

Griffin Public Relations & Marketing, New York
Bob Griffin