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Texas Instruments DLP Technology Releases New Chipset with Enhanced Interoperability, 3D and Interactive Capabilities

Press Release  |  Jun 13, 2012

New Display Platform Improves Interoperability Across Multiple Devices, Formats, Resolutions and Light Sources, Allowing Manufacturers To Better Standardize Projector Design and Production

DALLAS and LAS VEGAS, June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) DLP, the worldwide leader in projection technology, today unveiled a new family of image processing chips designed for front projectors, which enable broader standardization of 3D and interactive technologies. Projectors with the new chipset design, which will be incorporated in shipping units starting late summer 2012, will seamlessly display content from common 3D-formats supported by HDMI 1.4, from virtually any mobile device including tablets, smart phones, laptops and Blu-ray players. A leading benefit of the chipset is that it allows projectors to work with any standard input-format as well as any light source, at any of our full spectrum of resolutions, including XGA, SVGA, WXGA, 1080p and WUXGA. Additionally, functionality has been integrated enabling more cost effective interactive ready projectors.

"Creating a chipset that makes 3D and interactive technologies more accessible for projector developers is a major step forward for the industry," said Roger Carver, General Manager, DLP Front Projection. "This helps our customers build off-the-shelf projectors while adding new capabilities at a comparable price point that allows for global deployment while still serving unique regional needs."

The new chipset also helps facilitate the shift to lamp-free light sources by incorporating features designed specifically for solid state deployment, enabling a wider range of manufacturing options. "The display industry has evolved beyond the days of the higher resolution chase and the brightness battles," added Carver. "As projectors increasingly become the central hub of the classroom, this new chipset will help optimize hardware and software for the new frontiers of interoperability, 3D and interactive display."

As the adoption of lamp-free, 3D and interactive technologies continues to increase in the classroom, ease of connectivity and deployment is another major benefit of the new chipset, allowing end users to run downloadable content from a laptop, tablet or other mobile device, while still supporting standard formats like Blu-ray and DVD, enhancing the ability of teachers to transition between content sources.

For a full list of displays running DLP lamp-free projection platforms, stop by the DLP booth C6019 and ask for a lamp-free event map. About Texas Instruments DLP Products Since 1996, Texas Instruments' award-winning DLP technology has powered the world's top display devices to deliver higher resolution images rich with color, contrast, clarity and brightness for a wide range of applications, including intelligent display technology. With DLP's intelligent display capability, users can interact with content in a diverse range of applications, such as automotive, medical and interactive projection. DLP's technology spans movie theaters (DLP Cinema®) and large-scale, professional venues; in conference rooms, classrooms, and home theaters; and with DLP Pico™-enabled mobile devices, the ability to display images from the palm of your hand. Every DLP chip features an array of up to 8 million microscopic mirrors that switch at ultra-high speeds. With this speed advantage, DLP enables applications unheard of by competing display technologies. To learn more about DLP technology, please visit, or follow DLP on Twitter at

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