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Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc. Introduces New LCD Projector -- Light Enough to Take On a Plane and Not "Take Off" With Your Budget

Press Release  |  Jun 12, 2000

New SA51 is Price-Performance Leader in SVGA Projectors

CYPRESS, Calif., June 12, 2000 - Mitsubishi Presentation Products Division, creator of the industry's broadest line of award-winning presentation displays, Monday introduced the Mitsubishi SA51, their new price-performance leader that shines with 1,000 ANSI lumens at just over 7 pounds.

With a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $3,995, the new SA51 is expected to redefine the benchmark price for ultra-portable LCD Projectors by adding performance into the equation.

"Presenters without huge budget are being short changed as they are often expected to compromise performance in order to get a lower price projector," said James Chan, Mitsubishi's senior product manager for projectors.

"With our new SA51, we offer the concept of 'best value' which no other price-leading projector had ever offered before to the customer. With the perfect combination of brightness, weight, features and price, the SA51 will easily prove to be the smart choice for someone who seeks the best value for their money."

Presenters, who struggle with the costly way of producing full-colored transparencies that provide mediocre impressions at best, can now save the time and money spent on purchasing, printing and producing these slides. The SA51 not only jazzes up presentations, but it also makes the decision to do so smart and sensible.

Teachers and trainers especially should consider the SA51 a valuable companion for all their references and teaching materials that come with multi-media PowerPoint(R) presentations.

Mitsubishi SA51 Advantages

Multi-Media -- The SA51 supports both video playback and computer screen magnification valuable in any training or presentations environment. It's a presentation tool by day, it can turn into a TV monitor by night, and offers a great way of experimenting with HDTV at a very affordable cost.

CineView(TM) Video Line Doubler -- Continuing Mitsubishi's tradition of providing displays with great video, the SA51 has been equipped with CineView to play movie-quality videos with rich colors and realistic flesh tones while maintaining smooth motion display in action sequences.

ColorView(TM) Natural Color Matrix -- This Mitsubishi Electric patented technology works like a graphic equalizer for color adjustments. Directly accessible from the user-friendly menus of the SA51, ColorView allows users a full six-color RGB, CYM palette that are individually adjustable at the level of tint and saturation, allowing the X400 to bring out accurate colors that appear rich and realistic.

Point 'n Zoom Digital Magnification -- allows users to just zoom in and magnify points of interest in a computer screen display to provide emphasis and clarity when making a point during a presentation.

Compact and Light Weight -- definitely smaller than the average overhead projector, the SA51 compares favorably when needs dictate to moving it around campuses, or around the country, making favorable impressions everywhere.

SA51 Specifications

The new Mitsubishi SA51 uses three 0.9-inch poly-silicon active matrix LCD that produces 800 x 600 SVGA resolution, with 1,024 x 768 XGA resolution achieved through display compression. The SA51 provides maximum compatibility for computer displays, especially PowerPoint(R) presentations that come with modern day business and training materials.

The SA51 displays with 1,000 ANSI lumens of typical brightness and a contrast ratio of 250:1 for rich, vivid colors. It also offers manually adjustable zoom and focus for maximum versatility in different presentations environment.

The new Mitsubishi SA51 is backed by one of the industry's most comprehensive worry-free warranties that provides for three years parts and labor, and 90 days for the lamp.

About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Presentation Products Division (PPD), is part of the Information Technology business unit of Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.

A pioneer in the presentation industry with its MegaView(R) large screen data monitors, PPD markets the industry's most comprehensive line of high-end presentation displays and offers a line of display innovations ranging from DLP(R) powered video walls and large screen monitors to high-brightness desktop and ultra-portable LCD projectors.

All these exciting products are made available to customers through a network of carefully selected authorized dealers and distributors throughout the United States and South America.

For more than a decade, Mitsubishi has focused on bringing various types of presentation displays intended to impress audiences from all walks of life. Its vision has always been to help communicate its customer's vision more clearly and with impact. To obtain more information about Mitsubishi and its line of presentation products, call 800/843-2515 or visit the company at

With headquarters in Cypress, Mitsubishi Electronics America (MELA) markets an extensive line of consumer, commercial and industrial electronics products, including color monitors and printers, pen computers, semiconductor devices, Diamond Vision (TM) stadium display screens, elevators and escalators, radiation oncology products, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and other items.

For additional information, visit

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CONTACT: Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc., Cypress
James Chan, 714/229-3811