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Press Release  |  Jun 12, 2013

Industry Frontrunner Leads with Extensive and
Innovative LampFreeTM Projector Portfolio

DOVER, NJ, June 12, 2013 –Due to ever-changing industry demands, projection technology has evolved greatly within the past few years. What began with slide projectors, overheads and mercury lamps has recently transitioned to ultra-short throw, high definition and portable projectors. As the greatest achievement in the evolution of this technology, lamp free projection eliminates harmful mercury bulbs, improving performance and reducing users’ total cost of ownership. Casio America, Inc., the pioneer of LampFreeTM projection technology, continues to lead this category with a growing portfolio of innovative LampFreeTM projectors and applications.

Since its inception in 2010, Casio’s LampFreeTM projection technology has held the number one market share position within the LED/Laser Lightsource category. According to data from PMA Research, a high-tech research firm that specializes in the projector market, Casio is the industry leader when it comes to LampFreeTM solutions across three product segments including portable, Pro AV and short throw.

"More than three years ago, Casio stunned the projector industry with products incorporating hybrid laser and LED lighting technology instead of mercury lamps," said PMA Research vice president Linda Norton. "Now three years later, Casio maintains more than 85 percent share of the mainstream projector market for these types of products."

Now in its third generation, Casio’s revolutionary LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source combines a laser, a fluorescent element and LEDs to generate high brightness, while eliminating the need for expensive projection lamps that often need replacement. Without mercury lamps, Casio’s LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source allows users to reduce costs and count on a 20,000 hour estimated life span. On average, users will save hundreds of dollars after approximately 6,000 hours of use compared to traditional mercury lamps.

“Casio is deeply committed to the projector industry, and has continued to evolve its LampFreeTM technology to meet market demands, thus developing a number of projectors unmatched by competitive offerings,” said Matt Mustachio, general manager of Casio’s Business Projector Division. “This marks only the beginning of Casio’s long-term dedication within the lamp-free category, as we will continue to develop innovative new products.”

Casio’s commitment to the projection industry is displayed through its full line of LampFreeTM projectors across the various market segments including portable, multi-purpose, and high brightness units that are equipped with a variety of features fit for a multitude of environments. Industry volume within the short throw category is up by 355% and as the leading provider in LampFreeTM projectors Casio is well suited for the Education and House of Worship channels.

“Our short-throw projectors are not only convenient due to the size, but are perfect for classroom use as the brightness allows teachers to keep the lights on and still have bright, clear presentations. It becomes a worry-free tool for educators, ease of use, low maintenance and interactive whiteboard ready; teaching is tough enough, educators shouldn’t have to worry about the tools used in the classroom. We’ve taken the time to work with educators and determine what would work best for the daily rigors the education space needs. We believe we’ve answered their requests and our #1 market share position validates this,” Mustachio added.

Casio’s projectors are also equipped with capabilities that will illuminate any room and aid in the creation of dynamic presentations. Other features include energy-saving modes, computer, HDMI and video inputs and the ability to display 3D content from a 3D capable computer. USB models incorporate LAN/wireless connectivity, MobiShow, Crestron Roomview control and select models are Interactive WhiteBoard ready.

Casio has been known to be pioneers in many consumer electronic categories, and as a pioneer Casio continues to be innovators within this sector looking to expand its lineup through the development of additional projectors with a next generation LASER & LED Hybrid Light Source. The LASER & LED Hybrid Light Sourcewill continue to serve as the driving force behind Casio’s projectors.

For additional information regarding Casio’s portfolio of LampFreeTM projectors, please visit

About Casio America, Inc.

Casio America, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions. Established in 1957, Casio America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, mobile presentation devices, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio has strived to fulfill its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. For more information, visit