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Acer K132 DLP LED Portable Projector; Pint-Sized Powerhouse Delivers HD Visuals

Press Release  |  Aug 6, 2013

Just under a pound, it fits in the palm of the hand, ideal for business travelers

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 6, 2013 – Acer America today unveiled the Acer® K132 DLP® portable projector that provides excellent portability with HD-ready projection and long LED life for a low cost of ownership. The lightweight, palm-size design is perfect for frequent travelers, such as sales representatives, small business owners and executives, who want a portable projector for making presentations from the road.

The compact K132 projector delivers powerful projection, great mobility and ease of use. Weighing just under a pound and measuring just 5.5 (L) x 4.6 (W) x 1.6 (H) – inches, the K132 is small enough to stash in a briefcase or purse for taking to business meetings. In addition, Instant Pack enables it to be stored as soon as it’s powered off and without requiring a cool down period. For those who prefer to use a computer, the K132 projector is compatible with Acer notebook power adapters (65W and up), so users don’t have to bring two.

“Compact and user-friendly, the Acer K132 is a convenient, compact device to showcase visuals almost anywhere,” said Frank Chang, director of product management, Acer America. “With the ability to project HD content, this tiny projector provides vibrant image clarity that’s perfect for making compelling presentations in the boardroom, while the long lamp life provides a solid return on investment.”

HD Resolution Enables Widescreen Projection

With 500 ANSI lumens brightness and an HDMI connection, this projector delivers solid image quality. Users can adjust the level of display detail required from the usage scenario in the 16:10, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. The maximum HD resolution enables widescreen projection, offering greater pixel density and increased viewing area to accurately display content and bring sharp details and fine print into focus.

Advanced Acer technologies such as ColorSafe II and SmartFormat make using the K132 projector simple. ColorSafe II leverages DLP technology to guarantee picture integrity despite prolonged use and SmartFormat technology provides multi-format support for instant projection. It automatically syncs with wide-format displays without requiring resolution adjustments from a PC.

The contrast ratio of 10,000:1 combined with high brightness projects crystal clear, vibrant images from a long distance on a large screen. Dynamic Black technology dramatically improves image contrast by using lamp power adjustment to analyze content frame by frame. Users can dynamically adjust dark scenes to optimal black levels, while maintaining the original brightness of bright scenes, resulting in the most vivid image quality.

The Acer® K132 supports 3D image output, and when paired with either Acer 3D or DLP 3D glasses, it can be used to enjoy lifelike 3D content. It also can connect to a large display or TV via HDMI and provides keystone correction for projecting a rectangular image even when the projector isn’t placed perpendicular to the screen.

Long Lamp Life, Eco-Friendly

The K132 has a long lamp life of 30,000 hours in Extreme Eco mode that reduces standby power consumption by up to 90 percent from 5W to 0.5W.(2) LED lamps offer many benefits including a longer lifespan with an always-available light source, instant on/off capability and better color saturation. With no breakable filaments or tubes, LED lamps are durable and reduce environmental impact, since there are no hazardous mercury or halogen gases.

The Acer K132 DLP portable projector is available now for customers in the United States at leading VARs and retailers for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $499. It’s also backed with a one-year warranty.(3)

About Acer

Established in 1976, Acer is an information and communication technology company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale and support of innovative products that enhance people's lives. Acer's green supply chain delivers environmentally friendly PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets and smartphones — tools our customers need to explore beyond limits and experience more. Ranked No. 3 for notebooks globally(4), Acer employs 8,000 people, and 2011 revenues reached US$15.7 billion. Please visit for more information.