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HOLHO a New Holographic Technology Being Developed by Imagination Farm USA Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Production

Press Release  |  Aug 10, 2013

The HOLHO Collection is an assortment of holographic projectors for smartphones and tablets of any brand.

(PRWEB) August 10, 2013 Thanks to an innovative optical illusion, the HOLHO devices transform all the pictures and videos on Smartphones and Tablets into holograms. The result is a stunning, three-dimensional holographic picture.

There is absolutely nothing like this, anywhere on the market, and there are multiple models to suit any one looking for the next incredible innovation on the market. This new and incredible product is superb for presentations, all-around entertainment, and kids are gong to be mesmerized by it!

There are 4 main types of hologram projectors:

The HOLHO Full Pyramid for Smartphones and Tablets are four-sided hologram projectors that can be placed above or below any mobile device. The image to be projected is divided in four distinct images, and then reflected on the four faces of the pyramid creating a hologram in its center.

The HOLHO Naked for Tablets is a hologram projector consisting of an oblique sidewall that can be used with tablets of any brand. It produces a frontal holographic projection and when you close it, it becomes a very stylish tablet case.

The HOLHO Zed for Tablets is a black Perspex hologram projector that can be placed above tablets of any brand and produces a frontal holographic projection.

The HOLHO 3 Faces Pyramid for Tablets is a black three-sided hologram projector with a drawer at the top to place tablets of any brand and is perfect for 3D presentations. Complementary to the projector, the HOLHO App 3 Faces Pyramid allows the user to produce a personalized holographic projection.

Set to revolutionize the digital world by producing three-dimensional projections on ANY Smartphone or Tablet, Imagination Farm USA LLC has launched their Kickstarter campaign to put their plans of creating the HOLHO Collection of holographic images for every Smartphone and Tablet in the world.

You can help bring the dream of putting the HOLHO Collection into production and get your own HOLHO through the Kickstarter Campaign before they hit the market here: