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Sharp Redefines the High-end Conference Room LCD Projector

Press Release  |  Jun 15, 2000

New XG-V10WU Boasts Advanced Feature Set, 4700 ANSI Lumens And

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 15, 2000 - Sharp Electronics Corp. today introduced its latest LCD innovation - the XG-V10WU Conference Series projector - at INFOCOMM 2000. Designed with distinctive features, the XG-V10WU is ideal for large conference rooms, lecture halls and custom professional installations, boasting an amazing 4700 ANSI lumens.

Providing unmatched flexibility, the XG-V10WU offers a wide range of features designed specifically for the high-end professional/installation market. The SXGA-native LCD projector provides industry-leading compatibility and advanced video processing that improves picture quality. Unlike other projectors on the market, the XG-V10WU comes with a unique and robust software application package that enables users to monitor and control the device remotely, and offers simple network and video wall capability.

"With the announcement of the XG-V10WU, Sharp is making a strong commitment to the high-end projector market," said John Givelis, installation projector product manager for Sharp's Professional LCD Products Division. "With its features, applications and high-performance, this new projector is not only giving our dealers the best quality and flexibility available in its class, Sharp is also providing them with the functionality they are seeking at a price no other manufacturer can meet."

Remote Access and Control Software

The XG-V10WU comes with the Professional Edition of the Sharp Advanced Presentation Software, which allows the projector or group of projectors to be connected to a PC for remote diagnostics, control and stacking/video wall capability.

With this software, the XG-V10WU has the ability to self-diagnose and locate/detect any system errors that may occur. Then, the projector automatically sends that error message to the control PC. The control PC can be programmed to send error messages via email to a predetermined list, informing the appropriate parties that maintenance is required. Error messages can be sent to servicers who perform on-site maintenance, so that the projector can be serviced before their customer is even aware of a problem.

Using the Advanced Presentation Software, the projector can be "daisy chained" to up to 250 XG-V10WUs - saving yards of wasted cable, space and cost. Using the RS-232C or RS-422 connections, a PC can control the entire group of projectors by only connecting to one projector in the daisy-chain - removing the need for each to be individually connected to an RS-232 or RS-422 controller.

This software gives users a complete control/monitoring center. For example, a set of projectors can be configured to stack or used in video wall applications. Two stacked XG-V10WUs have an extraordinary output of 9400 ANSI lumens. In video wall applications, the group of projectors can be daisy chained together and the software assigns each projector a picture segment, removing the need for a picture division processor.

Ultra-High Brightness

Powered by three 1.8-inch LCD panels and two UHP lamps, the XG-V10WU delivers a brightness of 4700 ANSI lumens. The XG-V10WU is designed to operate with one, two or alternating lamps (for extended lamp life) - making it ideal for network control centers that need a projector that is always on. The Maximum Output Light Prism ensures that the light output remains uniform in all lamp configurations.

Industry-Leading SXGA Image Quality

Featuring Sharp's Advanced Compatibility, the XG-V10WU can handle a wide variety of signals including, workstations, PC resolutions up to UXGA (1600 x 1200, Macintosh, DTV (480i/480p/720p/1080I) and video (NTSC/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM). To ensure optimum image output from these sources and the highest performance, Sharp has taken many precautions during the manufacturing of these projectors. To prevent panel bending that can lead to a dispersed light output, the LCD panels are manufactured with on-chip spacers. In addition, Sharp uses a 3-D image uniformity process on each projector during production to ensure that all have a uniform output.

Another benefit, Sharp's new ImageACE Plus processing chip resizes, smoothes and scales images from different sources. This chip uses advanced techniques to remove jagged and blurred lines that can result from video and enlarged/compressed images.

The XG-V10WU offers six lenses enabling the projector to easily meet the demands of any installation - from a rear-projection lens for a conference room to a long-throw lens for an auditorium.


The XG-V10WU comes equipped with Sharp's PresenterPAK that gives presenters a versatile projector with an easy and quick setup, simple image adjustment and enhanced presentation options.

Offering easy operation for even the first-time user, Sharp's exclusive PresenterPAK features a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) menu screen that is icon-based, color coded and uses common terminology rather than technical jargon.

A number of image-adjustment features, both automatic and manual, allow a presenter to tune the image to ensure the best-looking presentations. Sharp's autoSYNC automatically adjusts computer images without having to access the projector's menu system. One-touch gamma correction can adjust the color shifts that arise from using different image sources during a presentation with the press of a button. Sharp's unique motorized lens shift minimizes `keystoning' in critical installations, making this projector adaptable to sophisticated conference room or auditorium settings.

Because the PresenterPAK has built many presentation tools into the projector, users have a variety of options to enhance presentations. This package also enables presenters to customize the projector to display their company's logo during startup, as well as manipulate images during presentations with enlargement and freeze capabilities.

Multiple Inputs and Control Options

The XG-V10WU boasts up to six inputs including two RGB inputs, one digital video interface (DVI), and two video inputs capable of displaying composite, S-video or component video. The XG-V10WU also offers video over data picture-in-picture capability for use in video conferencing applications. The XG-V10WU's expansion port allows a Serial Digital Interface (SDI) board to be added for input from standard broadcast signals.

The XG-V10WU's expansion board also offers additional options for advanced control inputs. The RS-422 expansion board allows projectors to be connected up to 3,900 feet away and the LAN expansion board offers a simple 10BaseT connection for linking projectors across a network.

The XG-V10WU will be available in the third quarter 2000 through Sharp's authorized dealer network at a list price of $29,995, plus the cost of the lens. Lenses range in price from $2,999 to $9,399.

Sharp offers a full line of projectors, monitors and professional video equipment for purchase, lease or rental through its national network of authorized dealers.

For more information please contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Professional LCD Products Division, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2135, or dial 1-888-GO-SHARP (1-888-467-4277); Fax: 201- 529-9636; or Faxback for product information: 201-512-2380. For on-line product information, visit Sharp's LCD Products Group Web page at Email:

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Matthew Meyer, Brian Bank
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Sharp Electronics Corp.
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